On October 6th 2009 the entire world blacked out for 2 minutes and
17 seconds.

During their blackout people were given a glimpse of their future. Of
April 29 2010.

For police officer James McLaren the glimpse of his future self
had rocked his world to its very core.

In his flashforward he was getting ready for a dinner date. He was
putting on the finishing touches of his makeup. He knew he was
hoping for a night of passion with the guy he was meeting.

As he woke from his vision James was shocked. Just what
was going to happen to him in the next 6 months that would
turn him into a girl? What on Earth was going on???

Inspired by the TV Show – Flashforward. You might also want to check out this promising story on Fictionmania by BobH which looks like taking this concept a whole lot further: http://www.fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=125847146054420266

This is Marie Claude Bourbonnais

TV Times


The days fell into a routine. There was nothing to do in the room but sit on the sofa and watch
the television. He had no choice in what was shown – the shows were selected for him.
The images flooded his mind – romantic movies, chick flicks, dramas about love and relationships.
Interspersed were some quite extreme porn movies – initially showing shemales, which he began
to find quite erotic, especially since the medication he was taking every day was beginning to
have such an effect on his body. He began to mentally put himself in the position of the females
in the shows. He started to identify with them more than the men. One week was mainly
style and fashion guides. A delivery of makeup was left inside the room which he began to
experiment with. His hair had grown quite long and when he received hair dye and styling
products he couldn’t wait to try them out. He gradually felt his old self drift away as the constant
stream of new thoughts and images pervaded his mind. He no longer thought of himself as a
man and looked at his small shrunken penis with loathing. Maybe one day they would explain
why he was here, and he’d beg them to complete what they had already begun…