Facing up to it


Simon tried to button up his shirt from
last night. Trying to salvage something
of his male identity.

But he knew it was too late. He’d been
able to hide the changes so far, but
overnight they had accelerated. The two
breasts sitting on his chest now could
not just be dismissed as just a bit of fat.

Last night his hair had been a little
unkempt, but now long blonde hair
cascaded down his back in a distinctly
feminine style. His face seemed smooth
with no hint of stubble, which had gone
along with the last of his body hair.

There was no denying it now. He was
never going to be pass for male now,
and going by his shrunken penis by
tomorrow he’d be 100% female.

He couldn’t stay in his flat forever. He’d
have to brave the outside world at some
point. He could order stuff online but
eventually he’d have to face the world
as the female he’d become. He just
wished he knew why this had happened.
Who had done this to him?


Holly Van Hough

TV Times


The days fell into a routine. There was nothing to do in the room but sit on the sofa and watch
the television. He had no choice in what was shown – the shows were selected for him.
The images flooded his mind – romantic movies, chick flicks, dramas about love and relationships.
Interspersed were some quite extreme porn movies – initially showing shemales, which he began
to find quite erotic, especially since the medication he was taking every day was beginning to
have such an effect on his body. He began to mentally put himself in the position of the females
in the shows. He started to identify with them more than the men. One week was mainly
style and fashion guides. A delivery of makeup was left inside the room which he began to
experiment with. His hair had grown quite long and when he received hair dye and styling
products he couldn’t wait to try them out. He gradually felt his old self drift away as the constant
stream of new thoughts and images pervaded his mind. He no longer thought of himself as a
man and looked at his small shrunken penis with loathing. Maybe one day they would explain
why he was here, and he’d beg them to complete what they had already begun…

Shoes First


The box with the shoes arrived first. He didn’t know
why he did it, but he felt compelled to put them on.
He’d never realised how shapely his legs looks. And
so smooth. When had all his leg hair vanished?

Next day came the panties.
He couldn’t resist putting
them on. He was rewarded
by such a smooth
silhoutte. And how had he
got such lovely nails?

The following day a matching pink bra
arrived. He just had to try it on. Even as
it touched his skin he felt his chest swell
as two pert breasts appeared on his chest.
He loved the new sensations. And he was
even more amazed that he accepted each
new change that happened to him as if
it had always been that way. As he put on
the bra long blonde hair cascaded down his
face and tickled his new breasts. He knew
he was now all woman…



The days fell into a routine. The
mornings were spent learning how
to do his makeup. And now his hair
was long enough he had to learn
how to style and care for it as well.
He’d got very good it at, and he took
great pride in his appearance. He got
a thrill out of looking as girlish as he

The afternoons were spent with a
huge stack of women’s magazines.
He had to absorb every detail. They
would quiz him on everything.

He was so immersed in femininity,
most of the time he forgot he was
male. He moved and acted just like
any other teenage girl. The hormones
had reshaped his mind as well as his
body. Only his little cock, shrivelled
and trapped in the wire mesh chastity
belt reminded him of his old life. And
soon even that would be gone.

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