A big reveal

Impressive, isn’t it? Mr Smith. A full
body transformation. It’s taken several
months for the processes to take hold
and convert your scrawny male body
into the voluptuous vision you see
before me. We’ve kept you drugged
so that you’ve been unaware of the
changes until now.

A big reveal is more dramatic. Don’t
you think? You’ve turned out better
than we could have hoped.

Behind that mirror is your buyer. He’s
watching you right now. I don’t know
why he chose you. I’m sure he has his
reasons. My job is just to snatch the
target and transform them as requested.

Usually we would now train you in-
house, but your buyer wishes to break
you in himself. If I were you, I’d do
exactly as he requests. Disobedience
will be quite painful.

Now let’s get you dressed for transit…

Pet Girl

He tried to remember his real name, the one he had before Mistress. And he realised he couldn’t.
His life before Mistress was a distant memory. He needed no name now. Now he was just Bitch.
Come here Bitch. Sit there Bitch. Lick this Bitch. He lived just to be her plaything. And to do what
he was told. She’d call him Good Girl. And sometimes Bad Girl. He hated it when Mistress called
him Bad Girl, for that always lead to punishment. And Mistress could be very cruel and inventive
in her punishments.

He spent his days on all fours. Only allowed to stand if Mistress commanded. His pendulous
breasts hung from his chest, the bells in his pierced nipples chiming as he moved, reminding him
always of his status as the house Pet. She kept him naked most of the time, dressing him only
in frills and bows. The collar around his neck was never removed.

He lived only to please Mistress. He wanted to be a Good Girl more than anything…

This is Summer Cummings, from Pet Girls

For Alexia, who expressed a liking for pet girls. Hope you like this one.

Don't talk with your mouth full


What’s the matter Richard? Don’t you
like my little surprise?

With all the hormones we’ve filled you
up with, your poor little cock is just not
up to the job of pleasuring anybody
any more. So we’ll keep it tucked away
in it’s little metal cage tonight. I’ll only
be a distraction.

So, tonight you’ll be wearing this gorgeous
little dildo mask. You now have a cock
that’s even bigger than yours was when
we began your training. Ironic, don’t you
think? And a nice little cock on the other
side for you to spend the night sucking on.
All in all, it’s the perfect little training tool.

So tonight you are to facefuck anyone in
the club who demands it. Male or female.

If you don’t want to do it – say so now.
Oh yes, you can’t say anything. Perfect.
Now let’s get you to work….

Rubber BodySuit


Holy crap. What the fuck have you done
to me? How long was I asleep?

Do you not like it? It’s the latest thing in
bodysuits. The latex bonds to your skin
and you feel everything as if it was
really yours.

But I have a…. OH MY GOD.. that’s
sensitive. How is that possible?

Ah, you like? Yes it’s anatomically
correct. I don’t know how it does it, but
that pussy allows for full penetration. If
I wish it.

Don’t you mean if “I” wish? I’m a guy,
I don’t want to be having sex with other
guys. That’s not my thing.

Well you see darling, that’s out of your
control. There’s a control device in the
collar that will make you do anything I
tell you. And I am have big plans for you
my dear. They are going to just adore
you at the club from now on….

This is Lexi Dark

In too deep.


You can’t do this to me. I’m a guy

Were a guy, sweetie. Were. Do you think
anyone would believe you now, Detective?

You were good. I’ll grant you that. You
came very close to exposing my whole
feminization operation here.

But not close enough. Luckily I suspected
your intentions a while back and had
someone keep a close eye on you.

I decided that you should get a much
closer look at my operation – and what
better way to do that than to become
one of my girls. I had you fast-tracked
and saw to your feminization personally.

You have turned out even better than I
expected. You were never meant to be a
guy with bone structure like that. You’ll
fetch a high price on the market. Who
knows what your buyer will want to do
with you? It’ll be fascinating to monitor
your progess.

This is the stunning Angie Savage.

Hired Help


“My God. The rumours are true?
That really is.. was… your husband?”

“It certainly is. She answers to the
name of Juanita now. I’ve had her
mind wiped and a whole new persona
implanted. She only speaks a few words
of English. She thinks she’s here
illegally and if she doesn’t do exactly
as I tell her, I’ll get her deported home.
And by anything.. she’ll do *anything*”

“That must have cost a pretty penny”

“George’s trust fund can cope with it,
and since his.. terrible plane crash.. I
have his fortune to play with. Poor
Juanita will never see a penny of it.
Now Juanita, be a love and fix us some
drinks. Then get back to your chores.
And if you ladder your lovely stockings
I will have to punish you. You

“Si Mistress”



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