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Comic : Potion


Barry had spent the last 5 hours
frantically searching in the cellar.

There had to be an antidote to the
potion down here somewhere.

He had to find it, and fast. He
was increasingly forgetting who he
was.. his head felt fuzzy. And he
started having strange.. urges.

If he didn’t find the antidote soon,
he was in big, big trouble.



Shit, this thing really works… thought Dave as he began to explore the effects of the magic potion he’d taken earlier that day. His hands went to his face first. His skin felt so soft and smooth. Not a trace of the stubble that had been there only a few hours ago. Then he noticed his hands. Small, delicate and with perfectly manicured nails. It felt very odd to have long nails…

His hands moved to his breasts. He cupped them in his hands. He’d always loved breasts, but they tended to be on other people! Now he had a pair of his very own. And they felt fantastic. The potion had altered his clothes to match, and he found the sensation of lace on his newly sensitive nipples quite exciting.

Finally his hand moved to his crotch. It felt so smooth and it was deliciously sensitive . He pressed a finger against his new clitoris and gasped with delight. This was going to be so much fun. He estimated that he had 48 hours before the potion would begin to wear off. He went to the wardrobe to the clothes he had bought in anticipation and hoped they fitted. This was going to be a weekend to remember, he giggled.



Waves of pain were followed by waves of extreme pleasure
as the potion had a rapid effect on James’ body. The weight
simply melted away from his 200lb frame. He felt so small.
The weight of his new breasts on his chest was an odd
sensation, but very pleasant.

His hands caressed his new body. The skin on his face felt
so soft. There was no hint of the stubbly chin that had been
there only a few minutes ago. Long brown hair tickled his back.
And when his hand touched his new pussy… Oh My God!!!

He looked in the mirror and took in his new look. He couldn’t
resist a sly smile. So this was how he’d have looked if he’d
been born a girl? He looked amazing. This was a dream come

He may have missed out on a lot of things, growing up as a
boy rather than the girl he wanted to be. But now he intended
to make up for lost time


This is the very lovely Simi.

Lock In


Jenny prepared to apply the second part of the formula to Darren’s body. The first
part had had a rapid effect – quickly morphing his body into a gorgeous blonde
woman. Darren squirmed and wriggled in delight as the changes took place. He had
dreamt about this for so long.

“Now remember, once the second part is applied – the changes are permanent. You
can’t go back. Are you sure this is what you want? It’s not too late to back out.”

“Are you crazy? This feels amazing. I never want to be a guy again. Lock me in
and then we can have some fun. I have some new itches that just need to be
scratched.. if you get what I’m saying. Lock me in, and lets have some fun.”