The Girl in the Mirror

He’d been mentally preparing himself for this
day ever since the changes became so obvious
he knew that life as a male was going to be
impossible. But even so, what he saw shocked

Julie had encouraged him to “go for broke” and
go straight for the frilliest, laciest things he
could find. Her reasoning was that he might
as well start with a bang and immerse himself
in this new world of femininity.

And he had to admit he looked great. With his
now useless cock tucked away there was no
trace of the old him there at all. He was just
pure girl.

And the realisation hit him. This was it from
now on. His was to be a world of lace, of
silk. Stockings and suspenders. Of makeup and
impossible heels. It was a whole alien lifestyle
to him. But he was going to have to get used
to it.

It shouldn’t be so bad. After all 50% of the
world cope with this every day. So why couldn’t
he. He’d just have to get up to speed quickly.

He took a deep breath and went to wardrobe
to select a dress to wear. Then he would be
ready to face the world. As the woman he knew
he could be.

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