Alien Abduction

He struggled against his bonds, but
they held fast. Curse this body, it
was so much weaker than his old
one. He knew he had to escape,
and fast. The alien doctors were
using a combination of heavy
medication and hypnotic
suggestions to reprogram his whole
being. Already he could feel himself
slipping away.

Before the abduction he’d always
had a thing for busty redheads, but
when they showed him images they
did nothing for him. But an image
of a muscular man made him feel
more aroused than he’d ever felt

Some days he even forgot what it
was like to be male. He knew there
must be a reason for this, but as
yet they hadn’t told him. But he
shuddered at the thought of what
it might be….

Living Doll

“Oh Daddy, he’s perfect. Can I play with him

“Yes, my poppet. The implant should have
taken hold by now. He’ll be fully compliant.”

“He’ll do whatever I say right? Not like that
last one. He disobeyed me and I had to throw
him away.”

“Yes my darling. I’ve made a few changes this
time. He’ll be unable to do anything without
your say-so. He’d stand like that for days if
we left him. A perfect little doll.”

“Oh Daddy, he’s so pretty. I just love his long
blonde hair and pretty little mouth. We’re going
to have so much fun together. The things I’m
going to make him do…..”

Pretty in Pink

Now listen my dear, you can throw
a tantrum if you like, but in the end
you will lose and you will put that
dress on. And you will smile, and
you will behave yourself when

Sure, you can keep trying to tell
people that your name is Paul and
not Amy, and that you are really a boy
but we all know that nobody believes
you. Do you realise how crazy you
sound? Do you want them to avoid you?

You are Amy, my niece. You always
have been. Maybe I need to change
your medication levels again? To help
stop these delusions?

Now be a good girl and put that
dress on. It is your birthday party after
all. You will look so pretty in it. Don’t
you want to look pretty?

There, that’s better. There’s a good

Latex Maid

His car had broken down near the old Briggs mansion. He’d
heard odd tales about the place but he had no choice. He
was miles from anywhere and his cellphone was dead.
The old couple in the house seemed very nice. They offered
him a drink and as he drank it he completely forgot about
his car. He felt sleepy all of a sudden and accepted their
offer of a bed for the night.
Laying in bed he had the strangest dream. He felt as if the
very fabric of the bed had come alive and was engulfing him.
He could feel it smothering him, his whole body felt on fire.
Strange voices whispered into his ear – words of submission,
of servitude, of femininity. The commands dripped into his
subconscious, remoulding his mind as well as his body.
In the morning, there was no trace of the young man who
had called just 12 hours ago. In his place awoke Ivanka, the
newest member of the household staff. Just then, the bell
rang and she instinctively knew she was wanted by the
master in the bedroom. She scurried off to complete the
induction into her new role….


So now you realise the full extent
of the transformation you have been
put through Brian.

You see, you have screwed around for
the last time. Did you think I wouldn’t
find out about you seeing that slut
behind my back? And how you have
been stealing money from the till while
I’ve been dealing with customers?

Well all that is going to change. You
are about to make a valuable
contribution to this store. Your first for
a long time.

You are to take pride of place in the
front window. I’ll dress you in the
most erotic clothes possible and the
whole world will gawp at your new
physique. And there’s nothing you will
be able to do but stand there and feel
their eyes burning into you. You look
exquisite my dear. Just the perfect

Final Injection

Now Greg, I think it’s only fitting
that your final injection is
administered by that slut of a
girlfriend of yours. This is the first
time she’s seen you since I had you
both worked on. I hope she likes
the new you.

This injection contains the last of
your hormone shots. They’ve done
such a wonderful job to your body
haven’t they?

You’re now ready for the training
programme. I’m looking forward to
breaking you both in. I’ve always
wanted my own pair of rubber maids
around the house. It’s going to be
fantastic watching you both
humiliated like that. Now, here comes
that needle….

Don't talk with your mouth full


What’s the matter Richard? Don’t you
like my little surprise?

With all the hormones we’ve filled you
up with, your poor little cock is just not
up to the job of pleasuring anybody
any more. So we’ll keep it tucked away
in it’s little metal cage tonight. I’ll only
be a distraction.

So, tonight you’ll be wearing this gorgeous
little dildo mask. You now have a cock
that’s even bigger than yours was when
we began your training. Ironic, don’t you
think? And a nice little cock on the other
side for you to spend the night sucking on.
All in all, it’s the perfect little training tool.

So tonight you are to facefuck anyone in
the club who demands it. Male or female.

If you don’t want to do it – say so now.
Oh yes, you can’t say anything. Perfect.
Now let’s get you to work….