Accidents will happen

He tried to remember what life had been like before he’d
moved here… but it was all a blur.

He couldn’t remember anything past the accident. He’d fallen
down the stairs and broken both his arms and both legs. He
spent months in traction, He lost so much weight, and strangely
quite a bit of height. Mummy told him that was to be expected
after all the bone damage. The doctors couldn’t fix his tendons
properly, so it hurt if he tried to walk in anything less than a
5 inch heel. He quickly accepted all this. Why should be
question it? Mummy knew best.

He couldn’t remember why he called her Mummy, he just knew
it felt right.

Then he’d tripped and broken his nose. Another stay in hospital
with his face swathed in bandages. Afterwards his face seemed
different. He tried to explain this to Mummy but she told him not
to be silly. He’d always had such a pretty face. He was such
a pretty girl.

He was shocked when he started to develop breasts. Mummy
said he should be thrilled. He was obviously a late bloomer and
would soon lose that nasty boyish body and have a lovely curvy
one. He did want the boys to look at him didn’t he?

Sometimes he’d have dreams in which he was a boy. But
that was stupid, right? How could he have even been
a boy.

What the future holds

The changes had accelerated overnight.
The puffiness in his chest was most
definitely now a pair of women’s
breasts. His hair was now getting in
his face and had lightened to a light
blonde. When he looked in the mirror
he could see no trace of his male face.

A pretty young girl looked back at him.
He tried the door. Still locked. Whatever
was being done to him was happening
for a reason. Maybe once the changes
were complete he’d find out more. With
that thought his hand snaked down
to his crotch. He could still feel a tiny
nub there, his testicles were so small
now, it was only a matter of time
before there would be no trace of his

The future scared him. He didn’t want
to be a girl. But at the same time he
started to feel excited and he couldn’t
explain why. Maybe this was meant
to be…


Embracing the inevitable

He’d been preparing himself for this
moment for many months. As his
body shrunk, his breasts grew and
short dark hair gave way to long
blonde locks, he knew what he was
becoming. He’d tried to hide the
changes for a while, but eventually
had to accept the inevitable and
began dressing as a girl. Now it
was hard to even think about
being male.
He’d never been the most well-
endowed chap. But he was proud
of his manhood, and none of his
girlfriends had ever complained. But
in recent weeks it had got smaller
until this morning, when he finally
woke up to find it had gone. In it’s
place was an unmistakably female
pussy. It was complete. He was a
woman now, His next thought
shocked him, as fancying men had
crept up on him gradually:
“I wonder what it will feel like to
be fucked?” she giggled….

Danielle Trixie

The Girl in the Mirror

He’d been mentally preparing himself for this
day ever since the changes became so obvious
he knew that life as a male was going to be
impossible. But even so, what he saw shocked

Julie had encouraged him to “go for broke” and
go straight for the frilliest, laciest things he
could find. Her reasoning was that he might
as well start with a bang and immerse himself
in this new world of femininity.

And he had to admit he looked great. With his
now useless cock tucked away there was no
trace of the old him there at all. He was just
pure girl.

And the realisation hit him. This was it from
now on. His was to be a world of lace, of
silk. Stockings and suspenders. Of makeup and
impossible heels. It was a whole alien lifestyle
to him. But he was going to have to get used
to it.

It shouldn’t be so bad. After all 50% of the
world cope with this every day. So why couldn’t
he. He’d just have to get up to speed quickly.

He took a deep breath and went to wardrobe
to select a dress to wear. Then he would be
ready to face the world. As the woman he knew
he could be.

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Video Star


I don’t know how many more of these recordings I can make. It’s getting harder and harder to find places to hide the camera where they can’t find it. I don’t even know if anyone is watching these tapes. Please, I am begging you, if you are – send help. My mind is gradually being twisted to match my new body. I don’t know how long I can hold out and keep the last shreds of the man I used to be. Only my tiny cock reminds
me of who I was, and that I have to fight them with all my heart. But they weaken and soften my body and fill my mind with such sensuous images. I fear the final surgery is only days away. And then they’ll have broken me totally. Please, I know someone out there is listening to these. You’re my only hope…


The model is the lovely Jayden James. Hope you don’t mind I’ve photoshopped over the top of her to create the desired effect.

The Picture of Dorian Gray


It had worked perfectly.

The old woman had told him exactly what to do. He’d taken a photograph of himself as a man and put it in the attic. A short incantation and it was done. Then came the waiting.

It took a few days before he noticed the first changes, but the man in the photograph had definitely got a lot more stubble. At the same time his face felt definitely smoother.

Gradually he saw the man become a lot more muscular and, well, “manly”. Meanwhile his own body became more slender and feminine. It was as if the photograph was draining the maleness away from him, leaving only his  feminine self. And what a beauty she was.

After three weeks a slender hand tucked his long red hair behind an ear as he gazed at the portrait of a masculine brute of a man. A million miles away from the man he had been, and totally unrecognizable from the woman he had become.

And she smiled….


An old classic with a new tranny twist. With apologies to Oscar Wilde, but he’s long dead so probably won’t mind to much.

The model is the very gorgeous Amy Reid who looks even hotter as a redhead.

Shoes First


The box with the shoes arrived first. He didn’t know
why he did it, but he felt compelled to put them on.
He’d never realised how shapely his legs looks. And
so smooth. When had all his leg hair vanished?

Next day came the panties.
He couldn’t resist putting
them on. He was rewarded
by such a smooth
silhoutte. And how had he
got such lovely nails?

The following day a matching pink bra
arrived. He just had to try it on. Even as
it touched his skin he felt his chest swell
as two pert breasts appeared on his chest.
He loved the new sensations. And he was
even more amazed that he accepted each
new change that happened to him as if
it had always been that way. As he put on
the bra long blonde hair cascaded down his
face and tickled his new breasts. He knew
he was now all woman…