Bathing Suit

But I can’t go out looking like this – this bathing suit barely covers anything. These breasts are huge, I look ridiculous. Ah my dear, the times I’ve seen you by the pool leering after all those girls in their little bikinis. I think it’s about time you experienced all that from the other side. I made your titties nice and big to make sure you’ll get a lot of attention from all those hunky men. The terms of the bet were that you last a week like this. Then I’ll change you back. You can’t spend the whole week in your room you know. Now we are going to find some nice men to have some fun with. Maybe they can rub sun cream on those lovely breasts. And remember, If you disobey me, I’ll make even more extreme changes…

Growing Girl

Shit Dave, you’re breasts are even
bigger today than they were yesterday.
Have you made another wish?

I.. I can’t help it Jenny. I didn’t want
these changes at first, but now they’ve
started I just can’t get enough of it.
It’s like I can think of nothing else. To
be honest, I still don’t think they are
big enough, I want them to be huge!

But do you still have your….?

My cock? Just about, but it’s so small
now it’s hard to even see. By tomorrow
it will be gone. I should be upset, but
actually I want it gone. I can’t wait to
have a pussy of my own. I can’t stop
thinking about guys now. The first
man I find is not going to know what’s
hit him. I just can’t wait.

Pet Girl

He tried to remember his real name, the one he had before Mistress. And he realised he couldn’t.
His life before Mistress was a distant memory. He needed no name now. Now he was just Bitch.
Come here Bitch. Sit there Bitch. Lick this Bitch. He lived just to be her plaything. And to do what
he was told. She’d call him Good Girl. And sometimes Bad Girl. He hated it when Mistress called
him Bad Girl, for that always lead to punishment. And Mistress could be very cruel and inventive
in her punishments.

He spent his days on all fours. Only allowed to stand if Mistress commanded. His pendulous
breasts hung from his chest, the bells in his pierced nipples chiming as he moved, reminding him
always of his status as the house Pet. She kept him naked most of the time, dressing him only
in frills and bows. The collar around his neck was never removed.

He lived only to please Mistress. He wanted to be a Good Girl more than anything…

This is Summer Cummings, from Pet Girls

For Alexia, who expressed a liking for pet girls. Hope you like this one.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

So what do you think?

Well they’re great. But did they have to be so

Of course darling. Remember, these are my
wishes, and I want you to have big boobs. I’ve
always loved girls with big boobs. Ever since I
was a young girl. I guess I was jealous.

But these are massive. I’ll be a laughing stock.

No you won’t. Men won’t be able to take their
eyes off you. Nobody will ever be able to look
you in the eye again. Now to help you get
to love them… does it feel if I do this?

OH MY…… that was fantastic. Do it again.

I will my dear, but maybe first I should make
them just a little bit bigger. You don’t mind,
do you…..?

Big, Bigger, Biggest


“Oh Daniel. You’ve done it again, haven’t
you? They are definitely bigger than

“I can’t help it Sharon. I never wanted
to be a girl, but since you used the totem
on me I’ve grown to love it. I can’t get
enough of the feeling of my breasts
bouncing on my chest. I just can’t stop
playing with them. I keep going back to
the totem and wishing them a little bit
bigger. Just a little bigger every day.”

“And are they big enough yet? You’re
already much larger than me. They have
got to be uncomfortable to carry around.”

“It’s funny, but I’m still not completely
happy. I want them to be even bigger. I
want massive breasts. I want men to look
at me with absolute lust – for them to
do anything just to get their hands on
them. I just can’t help myself. Of course,
I still want you to play with them too…”

“Good to hear it, now come over here and
lets see how sensitive they are today…”

The wonderfully endowed Renee Ross

New Breasts


So how are you liking the new breasts, David? Too big? Your back hurting?
Well you should have thought of that. You were the one always going on at me to get implants – well just before the op I swapped our bodies.

Those lovely big puppies swinging on your chest are all yours now honey. But of course as your husband I expect to be able to play with them too.

You’re going to love all the clothes in your new wardrobe. It’s all tight tops and very low cut to really show off your assets. The guys are going to be looking at you with lust wherever you go, and their wives with hate or jealousy.

It’s going to be quite amusing seeing you struggle to get used to your new body. I guess you should always be careful what you wish for…

The gorgeous Brandy Robbins

Inspired by “I Got Double D’s” by Ed Gay. Read it on Fictionmania



I’m sorry Bobbi but the restraints are for you own good. We can’t
have you escaping again can we?

Jessica here will keep a closer eye on you from now on. She’s such
a good girl, you should try and be more like her. She’s embraced
the changes. You should too, you  can’t fight the inevitable.

We have you scheduled for your new titties tomorrow. You won’t
have to be flat chested any more. Won’t that be wonderful? I think
a nice D cup will be just perfect on you. What do you think Jessica?

Bigger? Well perhaps. But only if Bobbi is a bad girl again. A JJ pair
would be quite uncomfortable for her, but it’s a tempting idea. Let’s
see if her behaviour improves. We can always try out some more
extreme modifications if she continues to rebel. Now take her
to the playroom…


This is Hilary Scott and Lea Luv, more of this set here