Steady Supply

So, do you like your gift? I chose him for
you especially. I wanted your first time
to be special?

What? Shy now? How can you be shy
with such a fantastic new body? So much
nicer than your old male one isn’t it?

Good girl. I’m glad you agree. Now you
always knew this moment would come.
I know you’ve been craving cum for weeks
now. A side effect of the medication. Well,
this is how you are going to get it.

So why don’t you get started. That’s it,
good girl. Undo his pants and release
your present. Just remember your training.
Once you’ve had your first taste you’ll
wonder why you waited so long.

Once you’ve drained this lucky guy dry
I’ll take you to a club and show you how
to get some more. Looking the way you
do, you’ll never have a problem getting
a steady supply.

Kagney Lynn Carter

A new talent


Ashley couldn’t believe what he
was about to do. But his body
craved it and he was powerless
to resist.

His wife watched from the other
side of the room and smiled.
She was amazed at how fast the
changes to his body had taken
place. He was unrecognizable. And
wonderfully compliant. One day
spent in front of the cock training
video had turned him into an
insatiable cocksucker who would do
anything for her next fix of sperm.
And now she was about to get
her first taste, which would seal her