The reaction of his colleagues when they learned
that he was going to be the test subject was one
of shock. This turned to horror when they learned
he had chosen to be transformed into a girl, rather
than an augmented version of his male body. His
argument that a dramatic effect would show the
full potential of the treatment did not convince

This became worse as the full extent of the changes became apparent over recent weeks.
he’d chosen the most extreme look – his body
shrunk to a petite 5ft and his breasts ballooned to
an F cup, and they showed no signs of stopping. It
was clear what he was becoming and he began
to wear the sluttiest clothing possible. He revelled
in the looks of disgust from his female colleagues.
He was becoming a caricature of femininity – highly
sexualised. No real woman would behave like this,
outside of porn flicks. And he loved it. He knew
exactly what he was becoming. This had been his
fantasy for years. He lived for the looks of lust on
the faces of men as he minced past in another
skyscraper pair of stiletto heels – his massive breasts
spilling out of his top and his skirt barely covering
his panties.

When his cock finally retreated and was replaced by
a pussy he became insatiable. He craved sex so
much and would do anything do get it. And he had
no trouble finding anyone, male or female, to help
him out. He was so happy.

New Sensations

He couldn’t believe how good this
felt. The sensation of the silk stockings
on his soft, hairless legs was electric.
The heels felt weird but he was
sure he’d get used to them. This
was his body now, and he had all
the time in the world to practice.

He cupped his new breasts. They felt
huge in his small delicate hands.
He’d always wanted large breasts and
these felt perfect. He gasped as his
hand brushed a very sensitive nipple
and he felt weak at the knees.

He savoured the feel of the cool air
on his hairless pussy. That was the
strangest sensation of all. The void
where once his hated manhood had
been. His fingers brushed this sacred
mound and he let out a small moan.

This felt so right, his body
now matched his soul. The spell had
made him into the woman he knew
he should always have been.

She was complete.

Sasha Bonilova

The perfect solution

Don’t look so shocked Brian. This is the perfect
solution, can’t you see that? You must have had
a suspicion that I’ve always had a crush on you,
but I knew you would never think of me like that.

You only had eyes for Danielle. You worshipped the
ground she walked on but she never even noticed
you existed. She was such a bitch. It broke my
heart to see you pine over her like that.

So long story short, I found a way to become Danielle.
It was the answer to all our problems. You get the
girl of your dreams, and I get to be closer to you. You
don’t know how much I’ve wanted that.

Admit it, you’ve fantasised about this moment for
years. Well here she is – ready and willing to do
anything you want. Don’t think of me as a guy
anymore. I can be everything she was, and more.

Now are you going to stand there, slack jawed, or are
you going to come over here and kiss me?

Danielle Maye

Nice and Curvy

He’d fed the parameters into the
device himself. He’d put in the
details of his dream woman. He hated
all those skinny size zero models. He
preferred his girls to have a bit of
meat on their bones. He’d much
rather see a curvy girl than a half-
starved one.

And now the time had come to
test the device, he’d wanted the
same body for himself.

He felt a million dollars. This had
turned out even better than expected.

He couldn’t have been happier with
the results. His plump breasts spilled
out of the spaghetti strapped top he
was wearing. He legs still went
wobbly every time he caught a glimpse
of that killer cleavage and realised
it was now his. All his.

He looked in the mirror and smiled.

Destiny Rose

Not in these shoes

Listen honey, I’ve gone along
with all this for now. I’ve let
you dress me up in your
lingerie and smother me in

But if you think I am going
anywhere wearing a pair of
heels like this, you’ve got
another thing coming.

No way.

Pregnant Pause

Greg had committed the cardinal
error of anyone who has ever
taken part in a body transformation

He’d done what every curious man
would have done, dolled himself up
and headed for a bar to see what
sex was like from the other side. He’d
met this nice guy, they got talking and
one thing led to another.

Of course, he’d paid no thought to
birth control. He was a man, that was
up to the woman to take care of. In the
heat of the moment he forgot that
woman was now him. That moment of
carelessness had cost him dearly and
he now found himself pregnant. Just
what were the chances?

With a new life inside him the reversal
spell could not be carried out. He had
to complete the pregnancy. How
could he have been so stupid???

Kali West

The Lingerie Model

Looking back, he still couldn’t believe that the girl in the photos was really him. He’d agreed to wear the
bodysuit to help launch Jenny’s lingerie line. None of the real models they’d seen had measured up, so
they designed their own. He’d reluctantly agreed, but was amazed when he found that he slipped into the
role of Heather the model almost perfectly. He loved being pampered. Of course, he wouldnt admit it to his
friend Jenny. But when he took the suit off he felt… disappointed? He hated his drab male life.

He didn’t realise that not only had the lingerie launch been a hit, so had Heather. The requests for
her services came flooding in to Jenny’s office. He pretended he was shocked but secretly he was ecstatic.
He now had the chance to spend an extended period as Heather. And this time he was going to make
sure he experienced every sensation of being a woman. He couldn’t wait!

I just love this model from the Bravissimo and La Senza catalogues. I think her name is Heather Crook, but I can’t be 100% sure. She’s gorgeous!