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She looked down at her husband,
bound and kneeling at her feet.
Clad in lace and silk and displaying
a spectacular cleavage. The clinic
had performed a near miracle with
this transformation.

“Oh Charles, you look simply divine.
It was worth every penny to turn
you into this. And of course that’s
a drop in the ocean compared to
the money I’ll receive once you’re
declared legally dead. I’ll own it

From now on, you’re Ygritte my
housemaid. You will cook, clean,
wash and do anything I ask you to.
Only speak when you are spoken to
and call me Mistress at all times.
Step out of line and the punishment
will be severe. Do I make myself
clear, Ygritte?”

He hung his head in defeat, ”Y…
Yes Mistress…..”

New Sensations

He couldn’t believe how good this
felt. The sensation of the silk stockings
on his soft, hairless legs was electric.
The heels felt weird but he was
sure he’d get used to them. This
was his body now, and he had all
the time in the world to practice.

He cupped his new breasts. They felt
huge in his small delicate hands.
He’d always wanted large breasts and
these felt perfect. He gasped as his
hand brushed a very sensitive nipple
and he felt weak at the knees.

He savoured the feel of the cool air
on his hairless pussy. That was the
strangest sensation of all. The void
where once his hated manhood had
been. His fingers brushed this sacred
mound and he let out a small moan.

This felt so right, his body
now matched his soul. The spell had
made him into the woman he knew
he should always have been.

She was complete.

Sasha Bonilova

Reality Bites

The reality of the situation suddenly hit
him and he realised how vulnerable he
felt in this new body. The spell should
have turned both men into muscle-bound
hunks, and it had done just that to Gary
yet something must have gone wrong.
Now Michael found himself in a womans
body, clad in sexy lingerie and staring
in disbelief at Gary’s naked body.

He had no idea that this was exactly
what Gary had planned. The spell
would render Michael powerless to resist.
New sensations flooded his brain and
Michael became fixated at the sight of
Gary’s erect cock. It was only a matter
of time.

Hesitantly he reached out and took it
in his gloved hand. His mind screamed out
but it was too late. He knew what he had
to do now, what he wanted to do…

Rebecca Linares

The perfect solution

Don’t look so shocked Brian. This is the perfect
solution, can’t you see that? You must have had
a suspicion that I’ve always had a crush on you,
but I knew you would never think of me like that.

You only had eyes for Danielle. You worshipped the
ground she walked on but she never even noticed
you existed. She was such a bitch. It broke my
heart to see you pine over her like that.

So long story short, I found a way to become Danielle.
It was the answer to all our problems. You get the
girl of your dreams, and I get to be closer to you. You
don’t know how much I’ve wanted that.

Admit it, you’ve fantasised about this moment for
years. Well here she is – ready and willing to do
anything you want. Don’t think of me as a guy
anymore. I can be everything she was, and more.

Now are you going to stand there, slack jawed, or are
you going to come over here and kiss me?

Danielle Maye

Nice and Curvy

He’d fed the parameters into the
device himself. He’d put in the
details of his dream woman. He hated
all those skinny size zero models. He
preferred his girls to have a bit of
meat on their bones. He’d much
rather see a curvy girl than a half-
starved one.

And now the time had come to
test the device, he’d wanted the
same body for himself.

He felt a million dollars. This had
turned out even better than expected.

He couldn’t have been happier with
the results. His plump breasts spilled
out of the spaghetti strapped top he
was wearing. He legs still went
wobbly every time he caught a glimpse
of that killer cleavage and realised
it was now his. All his.

He looked in the mirror and smiled.

Destiny Rose

Not in these shoes

Listen honey, I’ve gone along
with all this for now. I’ve let
you dress me up in your
lingerie and smother me in

But if you think I am going
anywhere wearing a pair of
heels like this, you’ve got
another thing coming.

No way.