Sweet as Candy

Now Candy, I want you to meet Roger.
He’s going to be moving in with us. I
still need a big strong man around the
house, and you’re no longer able to
fill that role are you Candy?

No Mistress.

Good Girl. You will call him Master,
and you will obey him as you obey
me. Disobedience will be punished,
is that understood?

Yes Mistress.

Good Girl. Now I’ve been telling Roger
all about your dildo training. I think
it is only right that you demonstrate
what you have learnt on a real cock
for the first time. Oh don’t look so
shocked, you always knew this was
going to happen. Now, off you go…

Y…yes Mistress….

Pet Girl

He tried to remember his real name, the one he had before Mistress. And he realised he couldn’t.
His life before Mistress was a distant memory. He needed no name now. Now he was just Bitch.
Come here Bitch. Sit there Bitch. Lick this Bitch. He lived just to be her plaything. And to do what
he was told. She’d call him Good Girl. And sometimes Bad Girl. He hated it when Mistress called
him Bad Girl, for that always lead to punishment. And Mistress could be very cruel and inventive
in her punishments.

He spent his days on all fours. Only allowed to stand if Mistress commanded. His pendulous
breasts hung from his chest, the bells in his pierced nipples chiming as he moved, reminding him
always of his status as the house Pet. She kept him naked most of the time, dressing him only
in frills and bows. The collar around his neck was never removed.

He lived only to please Mistress. He wanted to be a Good Girl more than anything…

This is Summer Cummings, from Pet Girls

For Alexia, who expressed a liking for pet girls. Hope you like this one.

New Creation

The last thing Darin could remember was entering the strange mansion after his car
tyre had got a puncture. He’d accepted a drink, and then….. nothing. He felt, odd.
lighter, like he was floating. His vision was still swimming. He heard a swish as he
moved, what the hell was he wearing? And what on earth was causing his feet to be
angled like that? He felt hair tickle the back of his neck. That was odd as he always
had short hair. Just what was going on…?

“Ah, you’re awake,” said a voice from the other side of the room. “I do believe you
are my best creation to date. Simply perfect…..”

His vision began to clear, and he realised the full extent of the situation.

She screamed……

Don't talk with your mouth full


What’s the matter Richard? Don’t you
like my little surprise?

With all the hormones we’ve filled you
up with, your poor little cock is just not
up to the job of pleasuring anybody
any more. So we’ll keep it tucked away
in it’s little metal cage tonight. I’ll only
be a distraction.

So, tonight you’ll be wearing this gorgeous
little dildo mask. You now have a cock
that’s even bigger than yours was when
we began your training. Ironic, don’t you
think? And a nice little cock on the other
side for you to spend the night sucking on.
All in all, it’s the perfect little training tool.

So tonight you are to facefuck anyone in
the club who demands it. Male or female.

If you don’t want to do it – say so now.
Oh yes, you can’t say anything. Perfect.
Now let’s get you to work….

Bimbo doll


Oh my, Andrew. You’ve turned
out even better than I could have
hoped for. You are simply exquisite.

You were perfect for this change;
no family, few friends. Nobody to
miss you. Did you really think I
befriended you because I felt sorry
for you? It was all part of the plan.
With my money I can have anything
I wanted. And I wanted my very
own plastic sissy doll.

And that’s you.

This is your home from now on.
The magic means you’ll never get
old, never get fat. You’ll stay like
this forever. I have loads of outfits
to dress you in. And I want all
my friends to come round and play
with you.

Won’t that be fun?

You’re my perfect little doll.

The simply gorgeous Ancilla Tilia

The Journal pt 4


Ok so here’s my latest weekly update and what a week it’s been!

I’m still finding my feet as a junior secretary. The work’s a little dull at times, but the people there are very friendly. Mr Jenkins on the 3rd floor has said he’s been really impressed with my work and that he’s going to try to get me moved up to be his personal secretary. Which sounds nice.

But the really exciting news is that I had a date! Mummy wouldn’t let me date anyone when I was at school, and I was always scared they discover my little secret. But now I don’t have a suprise in my panties I can relax.

Anyway, I’ve been getting friendly with one of the IT guys called Brad. He keeps coming by to fix my computer. I used to like playing with them when I was a boy, but now I’m happier to have someone else fix them for me. Brad finally asked me out for a drink on Wednesday evening. I had a fantastic evening and Brad was the perfect gentleman. At the end of the evening he kissed me and I just melted into his arms. Nothing else happened. I’m not the kind of girl to put it out on just the first date. But we’re going out again next week for dinner and I think I may let him get his wicked way with me…. I can’t wait!

Images taken from http://www.themaidstore.com/

Sissification 101


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