The punishment fits the crime

OK Anthony, now that you’ve stopped
your little screaming fit, maybe you’ll let
me explain exactly what’s happening to you.

We’ve been watching you very closely,
Anthony. We know what you did to those
girls, even if the courts won’t do anything
because they’re too terrified to testify.

So in situations like that we step in to
ensure that justice is served. And we do
like to make the punishment fit the crime.

You’ve spent your life as a racist misogynist,
treating women with contempt. So what
better way of punishing you that to totally
turn your world view on its head.

So now you get to experience life on
the other side. Those massive boobs
are going to be very painful for you to
carry around – it will be interesting to
see how you cope with those.

Now, you have work to do, shall we
get started?

I am you, you are me

i am you, you are me

Peter looked at the pretty face staring back at him in the mirror. It was the woman
he’d picked up in the hotel bar last night. Once he’d had sex with her his rage took
over. He’d slapped her, called her a slut and told her to get out of his room. He liked
to treat them mean. She’d just laughed and slapped some kind of bracelet around his
wrist. The pain was intense and then he blacked out.
Written on the mirror in pink lipstick was a message. It said simply “Now I am you and
you are me. Who’s the slut now?”

Dont be shy

What’s that behind your back my
dear? A dildo? Don’t be embarrassed
sweetie. With your developing body
it’s only natural that you’ll start to be
curious about things like that.

Y…yes Mistress.

Did you think I’d be angry? Far from
it. I’m proud that you wanted to
explore your sissy feelings. All those
lovely sissy hormones flooding your
body have made you act in ways
you’d never have even considered
just a few weeks ago.

T.. thank you Mistress.

Now turn around and bend over the
table. If you’re going to do this, we
might as well do it properly. Let’s
see how deep we can get this shall

Y.. yes Mistress.

Dont Mess With Mr Big

So it’s true. He really did it? These two broads are those two dumb jerks who
tried to snitch us up to the cops?

Yeah. The big man has a couple of docs on the payroll. They’ve really done the
number on these two. You’d never guess they’d been guys – these titties look just
like the real thing. Apparently they can do some kind of brainwashing thing – they
fuck with your mind. I heard there’s a video tape where these two actually beg
to have their dicks cut off. Can you believe they eventually asked for this?

So once we’ve sampled the merchandise we’re to deliver them down to the titty
bar down on Lexington. They’re going to earn their keep from now on.

Sweet as Candy

Now Candy, I want you to meet Roger.
He’s going to be moving in with us. I
still need a big strong man around the
house, and you’re no longer able to
fill that role are you Candy?

No Mistress.

Good Girl. You will call him Master,
and you will obey him as you obey
me. Disobedience will be punished,
is that understood?

Yes Mistress.

Good Girl. Now I’ve been telling Roger
all about your dildo training. I think
it is only right that you demonstrate
what you have learnt on a real cock
for the first time. Oh don’t look so
shocked, you always knew this was
going to happen. Now, off you go…

Y…yes Mistress….

Comparing Assets

What’s that? Who do I think has the
biggest breasts? Ah, bless, it’s so sweet
that you have both started to care
about things like that.

So who has the biggest? My cheating
bastard husband or my lazy waster
of a stepson? My darlings, I think your
breasts are both equally wonderfully
plump. Now if you are both good girls
I’ll see to it that they get even bigger.
Would you like that? You would? You
don’t know how pleased I am to hear
you say that. What good girls you are.

You’ve both turned out even better than
I could ever have expected. It’s been
worth every penny to turn you into a
couple of airheaded bimbos.

Now, it’s time for your evening webcam
show. Why don’t you show your eager
fans just how much you love each
others titties? Good girls, off you go.

Just desserts

My Gods Erik. You must have really pissed that witch off. It
was punishment enough that she turned us both into wenches
but at least I haven’t got to carry a pair of these around with
me all day. They’re magnificent. But you are going to suffer
terribly, and you’ll be fighting the men off with a stick. Just
what did you do to her daughter to deserve these?