Maid to Measure

So you actually did it? *This*
is your husband? I can’t believe
it. How is that possible?

Ah well my dear, with enough
money anything is possible.
There are some very “specialised”
clinics out there who will, for the
right amount of leverage, carry
out any surgery you wish.

And so for poor Gerald here, his
days of womanising are over. That’s
not to say he never gets to taste
pussy again – he’s been trained to
be very attentive. And totally
compliant – he’s learned the hard
way the punishments that follow
for the slightest disobedience. If
I give the order he’ll do anything to
anyone. Without question. No act
is off limits. I’ve been very thorough
in his training. He’s done it all.

I’ll have him come to your room
this evening and you can see
exactly how helpful he can be. I
can assure you that you won’t
be disappointed…

Dont be shy

What’s that behind your back my
dear? A dildo? Don’t be embarrassed
sweetie. With your developing body
it’s only natural that you’ll start to be
curious about things like that.

Y…yes Mistress.

Did you think I’d be angry? Far from
it. I’m proud that you wanted to
explore your sissy feelings. All those
lovely sissy hormones flooding your
body have made you act in ways
you’d never have even considered
just a few weeks ago.

T.. thank you Mistress.

Now turn around and bend over the
table. If you’re going to do this, we
might as well do it properly. Let’s
see how deep we can get this shall

Y.. yes Mistress.

Party party

Brad looked at his housemates in despair. They’d got worse over the last half an hour.
The spell was erasing their past selves – remoulding reality around their new bodies.
“Come on guys, focus,” he tried to sound commanding but in this new body he just
sounded whiny. “Try to remember who you are – concentrate”. Brad was trying his
hardest to resist, but was fighting a losing battle.
“Ah quit whining Brenda, You’ve always been little miss innocent. Well tonight we’re
going to go wild. So why don’t you get your pretty ass over here and join us?”
That wasn’t true, thought Brenda – she could party like the best of them, like that
time her and Julie had gone off with those two footballers. Shit, where did that
memory come from? She shrugged, grabbed a bottle of wine and took a large swig
from the bottle. “Right girls, let’s party….” she shrieked.

The Memory Remains

The humiliation continued. They’d taken a cast of his cock before they began the
changes. And now it stood proudly in the middle of the room. A constant reminder of
the manhood they had taken from him.

Every day he had to spend at least an hour worshipping this dildo – taking it into
his mouth, ass or his brand-new pussy. Showing his Mistress that he was a good
sissy maid. In the evenings he had to demonstrate his skills with any number of men
that Mistress brought over. And every morning he had to make sure the house, and
the dildo, were spotless.

The routine turned into a blur. Only the cock remained as a memory of the man
that he used to be.

New Bunny

Greg suddenly felt very strange. He found it hard
to think straight. Vague memories leaked back –
sneaking into a house, a flash of light, pain.
“Well girls, looks like another stupid
little frat boy has been trying to sneak
in and play a prank on us. They never
seem to learn.

No matter. Looks like we have ourselves
a housemaid for a while. We’ll keep him
here for a month or so, until he’s
learnt his lesson.

I’ll draw up a rota for his nightly
entertainment. Like last time there’ll
be a prize for the most imaginative
way of humiliating our new little bunny.

Who’d like to go first…..?”

Liana Lace

Scullery Maid

Now I think it’s time to remind you of your new position in this household. You are
no longer the Lord of the Manor. How could you be? That would be me. And you
now have my old role, as a poor little scullery maid. Well I may have looked stupid,
but I got you exactly where I wanted. And when you tried to seduce me, I slipped a
little something in your wine.

Did I ever tell you how my father died? Well, you had him killed. And this is my
revenge. I now control everything. Maybe I’ll let your enemies have it, maybe I’ll keep
it all for myself. Either way, you’re stuck like this. And don’t think of escape. You may
have my body, but you don’t have my brains. A secondary spell that will make it very
hard for you to think of anything too complicated. And sex. You’ll think of that quite
a bit. And if you ever do disappoint me, well maybe you’d prefer a spell in the kennels
as one of the bitches, or maybe as a sow, rolling around in the mud spawning piglets
by the dozen. Don’t think I can’t do that to you. I know some powerful magics.
No, you’ll do exactly as I tell you and be the perfect little maid.

Now, to seal the deal, you are going to show me what a good little girl you can be.
And then I am going to leave you tied to this table for the entertainment of the guards.
Now then, shall we begin?

Britney Spring



Oh, don’t be so modest Dominic. I
mean, it’s natural for you to feel
ashamed to be so exposed and it’s
very cute that you feel you have to
cover up those fabulous breasts of
yours, but really there is no need.
We’ve already seen it all.

You see, when Minette is in control
of your body she is much less of a
prude than you are. You wouldn’t
believe the things she’s done. And all
on camera too. You’ve become
quite the internet sensation. Don’t
worry, you’ll get to watch it all soon

But we’ve decided it’s unfair for you
to miss all that, so we’re going to
change the hypnotic commands just
a little. Minette will still be the
dominant personality, but you will
get to experience every sensation and
emotion. I’m sure you’ll find it very
interesting. Now get some rest my
dear, you have a big film shoot
scheduled for later. It’s going to be
quite a show…