The punishment fits the crime

OK Anthony, now that you’ve stopped
your little screaming fit, maybe you’ll let
me explain exactly what’s happening to you.

We’ve been watching you very closely,
Anthony. We know what you did to those
girls, even if the courts won’t do anything
because they’re too terrified to testify.

So in situations like that we step in to
ensure that justice is served. And we do
like to make the punishment fit the crime.

You’ve spent your life as a racist misogynist,
treating women with contempt. So what
better way of punishing you that to totally
turn your world view on its head.

So now you get to experience life on
the other side. Those massive boobs
are going to be very painful for you to
carry around – it will be interesting to
see how you cope with those.

Now, you have work to do, shall we
get started?

Get over it

Christ Michael, can’t you go for at least 5 minutes without feeling yourself up? We’ve
been in each others bodies all weekend. Surely the novelty has worn off? Do you
think all women spend half the day playing with their clitoris or fondling their breasts?
You have a pussy now. Get over it. Half the planet has one.

Until we can find a way to switch back, we need to act as if nothing has happened.
I spent a long time getting that job and I am not going to have you screw it up for me.
I had better still have that job when we swap back or there will be hell to pay.

Now get your hands out of my panties and get some clothes on or you’re going to
be late.

I am you, you are me

i am you, you are me

Peter looked at the pretty face staring back at him in the mirror. It was the woman
he’d picked up in the hotel bar last night. Once he’d had sex with her his rage took
over. He’d slapped her, called her a slut and told her to get out of his room. He liked
to treat them mean. She’d just laughed and slapped some kind of bracelet around his
wrist. The pain was intense and then he blacked out.
Written on the mirror in pink lipstick was a message. It said simply “Now I am you and
you are me. Who’s the slut now?”

Red for Danger

Dani Jensen

Andrew hooked a strand a loose hair
behind his ear without thinking. He
could remember coming into his
apartment and then nothing. It all went
blank until he woke up, face down on
his bed in the body of a hot redheaded
chick over half his age.

Think. Damn it. How could this have
happened? This was impossible, right?
Then he remembered, that old lady
who’d stepped out in front of his car.
He’d given her a piece of his mind.
She said something about him “being a
big man to pick on an old lady. Maybe
he wouldn’t be a big man for much
longer.” Was that it? Had she done
this to punish him? He had to find
her, get her to change him back before
he did something stupid. He was
already aware of a dampness between
his legs. He suddenly felt so horny – he
couldn’t control this body. The old lady
could wait, he knew what he had to do
first and, inwardly screaming at his
weak-mindedness, he headed into town
to get it….

Dani Jensen


It had taken months of preparation. Every night he spent hours meditating as she slept,
reaching out with his mind, visualising what it would be like to be her. She was perfect,
and he wanted nothing more than to be her…

Then one night he broke through, for only an instant he gained control. Each night
these periods became longer and his control over her sleeping body became stronger.
Until finally he knew it was time to take over permanently.

And so, that morning he finally opened her eyes. He smiled, a whole new life awaited
and he couldn’t be happier.

Image of the Goddess

The two girls giggled as they watched the man
struggle against his bonds. They knew it was
pointless to resist the inevitable. The Goddess
would reward them for this offering. This was
their first, and they knew they had chosen
well. He was a strong one, and would make
a fine addition to the sisterhood. He winced
as they stuck a needle in his leg, the sedative
soon rendered him unconscious….

As soon as he awoke he knew something was
very wrong. He was still tightly bound but his
body was also encased in a tight fabric. His
feet were thrust at an odd angle and hair
tickled his shoulders. He hadn’t had hair for
a long time. He glanced down and the sight
of a pair of pert breasts shocked him. This
just was not possible. How could he have
become a girl?

Just then a woman entered the room. She
looked at him with a sly smile. “Well hello my
dear, I see you are awake. It’s time to begin
your training. I will recreate you in the image
of the Goddess. You are going to become a
very obedient young lady – I am going to see
to that personally….

Bathing Suit

But I can’t go out looking like this – this bathing suit barely covers anything. These breasts are huge, I look ridiculous. Ah my dear, the times I’ve seen you by the pool leering after all those girls in their little bikinis. I think it’s about time you experienced all that from the other side. I made your titties nice and big to make sure you’ll get a lot of attention from all those hunky men. The terms of the bet were that you last a week like this. Then I’ll change you back. You can’t spend the whole week in your room you know. Now we are going to find some nice men to have some fun with. Maybe they can rub sun cream on those lovely breasts. And remember, If you disobey me, I’ll make even more extreme changes…