Monthly Catchup


Well good afternoon James. It’s time for
another of our monthly catch up sessions.
The Gemma personality has been temporarily
removed. You have control again. Like before
you be able to talk freely, but unable to move.
So how have you been this last month? You
are certainly looking well. Have you lost
weight? Lots of exercise I hope?

Oh my God Rachel, you fucking bitch. What
the hell have you turned me into? I have
found it impossible to think of anything but
sex this past month. I’ve not been able to
walk past a guy in the street without Gemma
flashing him a smile and a look down my
top and trying to seduce him. I’ve lost count
of the number of cocks I’ve sucked this month.
Every time I do it I die a little inside, but
Gemma takes control and I am helpless to

Well my dear James I’m glad to hear it. You
see tomorrow I’ve scheduled you for your final
surgery. We’re going to give Gemma a lovely
pussy to play with. Then you’ll be able to give
those lovely guys a whole lot more. Won’t that
be exciting?

Lindsey Strutt

Video Star


I don’t know how many more of these recordings I can make. It’s getting harder and harder to find places to hide the camera where they can’t find it. I don’t even know if anyone is watching these tapes. Please, I am begging you, if you are – send help. My mind is gradually being twisted to match my new body. I don’t know how long I can hold out and keep the last shreds of the man I used to be. Only my tiny cock reminds
me of who I was, and that I have to fight them with all my heart. But they weaken and soften my body and fill my mind with such sensuous images. I fear the final surgery is only days away. And then they’ll have broken me totally. Please, I know someone out there is listening to these. You’re my only hope…


The model is the lovely Jayden James. Hope you don’t mind I’ve photoshopped over the top of her to create the desired effect.



Lex Luthor had found a new kind of Kryptonite which had dramatic new effects. He couldn’t wait to try it out on Superman.

Once exposed, the changes had been very rapid. Luthor smiled as he saw his once-mighty enemy stripped of all his powers, and of his masculinity.

Mighty Superman was now flirty Superbimbo.

He would play with her mind now, make her ache to serve him and obey his every whim. He would rule with her at his side, and Lois Lane too of course. The thought of both of them entertaining him gave him quite a thrill…

CBlack's Road Trip

I’ve been a huge fan of CBlacks work ever since I first saw it on Femurs TG Comics website. The stories, and the quality of the 3d rendering, never fails to impress me.

And now, CBlack has released his first premium comic – Road Trip.

Road Trip tells the story of Nick Granger, an unemployed computer programmer who gets hired to drive a 1965 Mustang from Kansas City to Seattle, and… lets just say that Nick undergoes some significant changes along the way.

I downloaded it today for $12 – at present 5 chapters out of 6 are now available, and I was blown away. It’s a fantastic piece of work and well worth the $2 per chapter that is being asked. These guys put in a lot of work to create these stories for us, and giving them a little cash from time to time is the least we can do to show our appreciation.


I strongly suggest you head over to Femurs site now and get hold of a copy of Road Trip. And if you want, you can preview chapter 1 first to see if you like the concept.

A new talent


Ashley couldn’t believe what he
was about to do. But his body
craved it and he was powerless
to resist.

His wife watched from the other
side of the room and smiled.
She was amazed at how fast the
changes to his body had taken
place. He was unrecognizable. And
wonderfully compliant. One day
spent in front of the cock training
video had turned him into an
insatiable cocksucker who would do
anything for her next fix of sperm.
And now she was about to get
her first taste, which would seal her

TV Times


The days fell into a routine. There was nothing to do in the room but sit on the sofa and watch
the television. He had no choice in what was shown – the shows were selected for him.
The images flooded his mind – romantic movies, chick flicks, dramas about love and relationships.
Interspersed were some quite extreme porn movies – initially showing shemales, which he began
to find quite erotic, especially since the medication he was taking every day was beginning to
have such an effect on his body. He began to mentally put himself in the position of the females
in the shows. He started to identify with them more than the men. One week was mainly
style and fashion guides. A delivery of makeup was left inside the room which he began to
experiment with. His hair had grown quite long and when he received hair dye and styling
products he couldn’t wait to try them out. He gradually felt his old self drift away as the constant
stream of new thoughts and images pervaded his mind. He no longer thought of himself as a
man and looked at his small shrunken penis with loathing. Maybe one day they would explain
why he was here, and he’d beg them to complete what they had already begun…

Hired Help


“My God. The rumours are true?
That really is.. was… your husband?”

“It certainly is. She answers to the
name of Juanita now. I’ve had her
mind wiped and a whole new persona
implanted. She only speaks a few words
of English. She thinks she’s here
illegally and if she doesn’t do exactly
as I tell her, I’ll get her deported home.
And by anything.. she’ll do *anything*”

“That must have cost a pretty penny”

“George’s trust fund can cope with it,
and since his.. terrible plane crash.. I
have his fortune to play with. Poor
Juanita will never see a penny of it.
Now Juanita, be a love and fix us some
drinks. Then get back to your chores.
And if you ladder your lovely stockings
I will have to punish you. You

“Si Mistress”