Have to fight

have to fight

Gary stared at his father. “Dad, you need to remember who you were. Who
you are. They may have messed with our bodies, made us look like girls,
made us….. do those things, but if we can remember who we are then they
can’t win. Not totally. We can’t let them break us.” But he knew it was too
late. The man who was his father had gone, the light in his eyes had been
extinguished. And with that came the realisation that it was only a matter
of time before the same would happen to him. They were too strong and
he couldn’t fight them forever.

Dont Mess With Mr Big

So it’s true. He really did it? These two broads are those two dumb jerks who
tried to snitch us up to the cops?

Yeah. The big man has a couple of docs on the payroll. They’ve really done the
number on these two. You’d never guess they’d been guys – these titties look just
like the real thing. Apparently they can do some kind of brainwashing thing – they
fuck with your mind. I heard there’s a video tape where these two actually beg
to have their dicks cut off. Can you believe they eventually asked for this?

So once we’ve sampled the merchandise we’re to deliver them down to the titty
bar down on Lexington. They’re going to earn their keep from now on.


This would be much easier for both of us if you stopped resisting. There’s no
point trying to stop the inevitable. The changes to your body are almost complete,
there just remains the modifications to your behaviour.
That process will begin shortly. Once complete you will become the complete
opposite of your old macho self; an airheaded, vain, subservient, weak little sissy
maid. The only similarity is your love of sex. Where the old you thought with your
dick and would chase anything in a skirt, the new you will be in a permanent state
of sexual arousal. You’ll do anything to anyone, male or female, just to get that
brief sense of respite.
Now, let’s begin with the suggestion tapes. Just lie back and relax, this will all
seem like a dream. Accept your fate and let your new life begin….

The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen watched the action on the jumbo screen. They never liked to miss a moment.
They had spent a lot of money on this initiative, but it was moments like this that made it all
worthwhile. They were not surprised that the two girls had finally given in to their desires, they
had both been red-blooded men before their treatment, it was only natural that they found each
other attractive. No, it was the tenderness and softness with which the new girls made love to
one another, a million miles away from the brutal way they had treated women in the past. The
physical and mental modifications had taken hold perfectly. Tomorrow, the treatments would
begin to alter sexual orientation. Would their creations truly embrace their femininity completely?
Only time would tell. But for now, the Gentleman sat back and enjoyed the show.

Are you sitting comfortably?

I… I can’t move. What have you done to
me you bitch?

Well of course you can’t move Stephen.
If you could, you’d probably try and kill
me right now. Again. But you won’t be able
to lift a finger against me any more. The
hypnotic programming has seen to that.
How do you like your new titties? I thought
about giving you small pert breasts, but I
know you were always such a tit man. You
liked them big and round. So I thought you
should have a massive pair of your very
own. Jugs, melons, tits. Big enough to make
your back ache all the time. You are going
to have to choose bras carefully or you
are going to be in a lot of pain. Just one
of the many joys of being a woman you
are about to discover. You are going to
experience the lot. Period cramps, killer
heels. Clothing that makes you feel almost
naked. Men who hump you and dump you.
You are going to hate being treated like a
bimbo. And I am going to love every minute
of your discomfort. You’ve deserved every
second of this darling.
Welcome to your new life.


He’d been in this chair for what seemed
like eternity but in reality it had only
been a few hours. In his trance-like
state he was unable to move or do
anything about his predicament.

The glasses contained LCD screens
which, coupled with the sound system,
provided a barrage of commands and
instructions that would break even the
strongest personality eventually.

A stream of images flooded his brain;
application of makeup, fashion advice,
how to walk, various sexual acts – all
designed to gradually erode his sense
of masculinity and build a new female
persona. 24 hours in this room was the
same as months of traditional reward/
punishment training.

Once turned, he would practically beg
for the final operations to make him
fully female. It was always much better
when they begged…

Ancilla Tilia

Pet Girl

He tried to remember his real name, the one he had before Mistress. And he realised he couldn’t.
His life before Mistress was a distant memory. He needed no name now. Now he was just Bitch.
Come here Bitch. Sit there Bitch. Lick this Bitch. He lived just to be her plaything. And to do what
he was told. She’d call him Good Girl. And sometimes Bad Girl. He hated it when Mistress called
him Bad Girl, for that always lead to punishment. And Mistress could be very cruel and inventive
in her punishments.

He spent his days on all fours. Only allowed to stand if Mistress commanded. His pendulous
breasts hung from his chest, the bells in his pierced nipples chiming as he moved, reminding him
always of his status as the house Pet. She kept him naked most of the time, dressing him only
in frills and bows. The collar around his neck was never removed.

He lived only to please Mistress. He wanted to be a Good Girl more than anything…

This is Summer Cummings, from Pet Girls

For Alexia, who expressed a liking for pet girls. Hope you like this one.