Witness Protection

He should have known things were wrong from the beginning, but they were so convincing.
His testimony would sink McGregor’s whole operation and he knew they’d go to extreme
lengths to silence him. So the witness protection agency needed extreme measures to hide
him. They assured him that everything being done was reversible. Just before the trial
they’d change him back. Until then, he had to learn how to live as a girl. It felt strange
at first, but he worked hard and soon all the mannerisms became second nature. He just
loved the sensations of having breasts and quickly built up a large collection of lingerie.
The cocktail of drugs and hormones worked its magic on his body, but it also kept him
compliant. He never questioned any of the treatments, even when one day he woke up
with a brand new pussy. He loved it, and could only think about how much better he
would look in a bikini. Thoughts of changing back had all but left his mind.
He didn’t know that McGregor had found him right from the start. His people had made the
switch long before Witness Protection got to him. There would never be a trial. Instead
he was going to make a lot of money from this one. She was going to be very popular….

Sasha Bonilova

Exam Blues

He couldn’t quite believe it, but
this might just work. With the
wig and glasses in place he
was the spitting image of his

All he had to do know was
pretend to be her for just a
few hours. Head into college,
sit the exam for her and then
head back home.

What could possibly go wrong….?

Nikki Rhodes

Latex Ball

Don’t try and pull it off, David. You’ll find that hair is very much attached to your
head. Likewise those breasts are very securely affixed to your chest. They look and
feel as if they have always been part of  you.

Oh don’t look so shocked. When we joked about you going to the latex ball dressed
as a woman you knew I’d throw myself into making you look as good as possible. I
didn’t want you to look like a bloke in a frock. So I took the liberty of getting some top
of the range medical prosthetics. It’s all reversible, but has to naturally come away
from the skin in a month. So you get to really try out the female experience my dear.

And just wait to see what you’ve got under your skirt….

Prince Arthur

Prince Arthur giggled as he thought about
what a great prank this was going to be.
Shyla had come up with this brilliant wheeze.
She’d use a magic amulet to turn him into
a girl. He could then move around the palace
without anyone knowing who he really was.
It would be an excellent chance to see what
his court really thought of him and his
oafish brother John. Then he’d change
back, reveal his true identity and everyone
would be amazed. It was going to be so
much fun to see their faces. How they’d laugh!

What Arthur didn’t know was that Shyla was
working for his brother. She had no intention
of changing him back. The ambush was ready
and by nightfall he would find  himself in the
hands of the local slave trader. He would fetch
a good price to someone looking for a new
whore. By the time Arthur’s armour is found
 at the bottom of Hells Teeth Ravine, he would
be on the other side of the kingdom. They’d all
believe he’d fallen  and been eaten by wargs.
Then nobody would stand in Prince John’s way
when the old King died. Which would happen
very soon. There was no doubt about that….

All reversible


Greg stared at his reflection in the mirror. It seemed truly unbelievable that this
goddess staring back at him was really him. He was perfect – long blond hair framing
an exquisitely made-up face.
“Oh my God.” he said. The perfect feminine lilt shocked him. “My voice.. you,.. you’ve
changed that too.”

The nurse looked back at him. “Of course, we couldn’t have something as pretty as
you sounding like a trucker now can we?”

“And all this is reversible, right? I can go back if I wish.”

“But of course, Greg. Or should I say, Michelle. You spend a year in the programme,
show you have learned your lesson, and we change you back. Of course, only a
fraction decide to change back.”

“No way, Lady. Once I’ve served my time I’m going back to being a guy.”

“As you insist Michelle.. but we’ll see in a year my dear. We’ll see….”

The exquisite Sarah Peachez. See the rest of this set here.

Driving Test


Dan still couldn’t believe he’d let his sister convince him to pretend
to be her to pass her driving test.

A Friday morning quickie. This is Capri Anderson.



Officer Jones had resisted the
changes at first. He was their
best undercover operative, but
even this was a challenge too
far. He was a butch guy, he’d
never pass as a girl. But once
they demonstrated the body
suit technology it had blown his

This was going to be a dangerous
mission. He couldn’t afford to let
slip anything that would give him

They’d really done the number
in changing how he moved,
and talked, and even thought.
When he met his partner for the
first time he found himself
comparing her body to his and
feeling a little jealous. He quite
fancied getting a corset like that