The Lingerie Model

Looking back, he still couldn’t believe that the girl in the photos was really him. He’d agreed to wear the
bodysuit to help launch Jenny’s lingerie line. None of the real models they’d seen had measured up, so
they designed their own. He’d reluctantly agreed, but was amazed when he found that he slipped into the
role of Heather the model almost perfectly. He loved being pampered. Of course, he wouldnt admit it to his
friend Jenny. But when he took the suit off he felt… disappointed? He hated his drab male life.

He didn’t realise that not only had the lingerie launch been a hit, so had Heather. The requests for
her services came flooding in to Jenny’s office. He pretended he was shocked but secretly he was ecstatic.
He now had the chance to spend an extended period as Heather. And this time he was going to make
sure he experienced every sensation of being a woman. He couldn’t wait!

I just love this model from the Bravissimo and La Senza catalogues. I think her name is Heather Crook, but I can’t be 100% sure. She’s gorgeous!

Latex Ball

Don’t try and pull it off, David. You’ll find that hair is very much attached to your
head. Likewise those breasts are very securely affixed to your chest. They look and
feel as if they have always been part of  you.

Oh don’t look so shocked. When we joked about you going to the latex ball dressed
as a woman you knew I’d throw myself into making you look as good as possible. I
didn’t want you to look like a bloke in a frock. So I took the liberty of getting some top
of the range medical prosthetics. It’s all reversible, but has to naturally come away
from the skin in a month. So you get to really try out the female experience my dear.

And just wait to see what you’ve got under your skirt….


Look, stand still, I’m doing the best I can OK? It’s just that the release tab doesn’t seem to be moving. Yes I know what I am doing. Yes I’m using the correct tool. Look, I’ve done this loads of times, there’s never been a problem like this before. Moaning at me isn’t going to make me any faster. Now stand still before… Shit. Look what you’ve done now. It’s broken off. This must have been a faulty suit. I’ll get in touch with the manufacturers but it could be a few weeks before they get back to me. Sorry dude, looks like you’re going to be stuck like this for a while.

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Fancy Dress

Oh shit, thought Gary. This won’t come off. It’s no longer a wig.
It’s actually become my real hair. That’s not possible.

And these false breasts won’t budge either. And… wow.. those
nipples feel like my own. Just what the hell is going on? This
was fun for a fancy dress outfit. But I want to change back now.
How long am I going to be stuck like this?

This isn’t funny….

Rubber BodySuit


Holy crap. What the fuck have you done
to me? How long was I asleep?

Do you not like it? It’s the latest thing in
bodysuits. The latex bonds to your skin
and you feel everything as if it was
really yours.

But I have a…. OH MY GOD.. that’s
sensitive. How is that possible?

Ah, you like? Yes it’s anatomically
correct. I don’t know how it does it, but
that pussy allows for full penetration. If
I wish it.

Don’t you mean if “I” wish? I’m a guy,
I don’t want to be having sex with other
guys. That’s not my thing.

Well you see darling, that’s out of your
control. There’s a control device in the
collar that will make you do anything I
tell you. And I am have big plans for you
my dear. They are going to just adore
you at the club from now on….

This is Lexi Dark



James lay on the floor exhausted. He’d had an amazing day. He’d removed his
dress but couldn’t bear to remove the underwear. Not just yet. He loved the way
the corset encased his body and supported his brand new breasts. He wanted to
wait just a little longer.

But tomorrow was another day, and he had three more days of hire on the body
suit. He’d already decided what he was going to wear. And he was going to
make a play for the cute concierge downstairs in the hotel reception. He saw
the way he checked him out today. James reckoned it wouldn’t take a lot of
effort to coax him upstairs. And then he could really start to enjoy himself!


This is the awesome Jelena Jensen.