Pregnant Pause

Greg had committed the cardinal
error of anyone who has ever
taken part in a body transformation

He’d done what every curious man
would have done, dolled himself up
and headed for a bar to see what
sex was like from the other side. He’d
met this nice guy, they got talking and
one thing led to another.

Of course, he’d paid no thought to
birth control. He was a man, that was
up to the woman to take care of. In the
heat of the moment he forgot that
woman was now him. That moment of
carelessness had cost him dearly and
he now found himself pregnant. Just
what were the chances?

With a new life inside him the reversal
spell could not be carried out. He had
to complete the pregnancy. How
could he have been so stupid???

Kali West

4 Responses

  1. Love the pregnancy caps.

  2. So do I. Please make more pregnant caption

  3. yeah, put more please

  4. Serves him right.
    Hope he can never change back after he gives birth and that he gets pregnant every year for the rest of his short life.

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