This would be much easier for both of us if you stopped resisting. There’s no
point trying to stop the inevitable. The changes to your body are almost complete,
there just remains the modifications to your behaviour.
That process will begin shortly. Once complete you will become the complete
opposite of your old macho self; an airheaded, vain, subservient, weak little sissy
maid. The only similarity is your love of sex. Where the old you thought with your
dick and would chase anything in a skirt, the new you will be in a permanent state
of sexual arousal. You’ll do anything to anyone, male or female, just to get that
brief sense of respite.
Now, let’s begin with the suggestion tapes. Just lie back and relax, this will all
seem like a dream. Accept your fate and let your new life begin….

6 Responses

  1. This is excellent! I thought you were getting stale Johanna.
    Feel free to enter my weekly caption contest anytime.

  2. OMG I spelled your name wrong, sorry!

  3. No worries Teresa 🙂

  4. Mmmmm, I don’t want it to feel like a dream. I want to be wide awake & have wide open eyes to enjoy what my Mistresses have in store for me!!

  5. Really good story. Maybe every vife need this to get a good man(sissy maid)

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