Truck Stop

Andy’s wife had said she’d make him pay but
he hadn’t realised the lengths she would go to.
He didn’t know how she’d done it, but here he
was – dressed like a hooker with a pair of
enormous breasts literally popping out of his
tiny bikini top. He took a drag of his cigarette
before realising that without thinking he was
posing in a feminine manner. This body seemed
to work on autopilot if he let it.

He’d been left in the middle of nowhere at a
seedy truck stop. Any trucker seeing him would
be thinking only one thing. With no money there
was only one way he was going to get back home.
And only one thing that was going to be expected
as payment. He hoped it wasn’t too rough….

A big rig pulled up and the driver leered out of the
window. He shot a million watt smile.. “Hey big boy,
You going my way…..?”

Jordan Carver

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