New Bunny

Greg suddenly felt very strange. He found it hard
to think straight. Vague memories leaked back –
sneaking into a house, a flash of light, pain.
“Well girls, looks like another stupid
little frat boy has been trying to sneak
in and play a prank on us. They never
seem to learn.

No matter. Looks like we have ourselves
a housemaid for a while. We’ll keep him
here for a month or so, until he’s
learnt his lesson.

I’ll draw up a rota for his nightly
entertainment. Like last time there’ll
be a prize for the most imaginative
way of humiliating our new little bunny.

Who’d like to go first…..?”

Liana Lace

2 Responses

  1. Very well done. Great picture to use with your caption. I love the expression on Greg’s face.

  2. yeah – cute isn’t it? 🙂 poor little lamb….

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