Pet Girl

He tried to remember his real name, the one he had before Mistress. And he realised he couldn’t.
His life before Mistress was a distant memory. He needed no name now. Now he was just Bitch.
Come here Bitch. Sit there Bitch. Lick this Bitch. He lived just to be her plaything. And to do what
he was told. She’d call him Good Girl. And sometimes Bad Girl. He hated it when Mistress called
him Bad Girl, for that always lead to punishment. And Mistress could be very cruel and inventive
in her punishments.

He spent his days on all fours. Only allowed to stand if Mistress commanded. His pendulous
breasts hung from his chest, the bells in his pierced nipples chiming as he moved, reminding him
always of his status as the house Pet. She kept him naked most of the time, dressing him only
in frills and bows. The collar around his neck was never removed.

He lived only to please Mistress. He wanted to be a Good Girl more than anything…

This is Summer Cummings, from Pet Girls

For Alexia, who expressed a liking for pet girls. Hope you like this one.

3 Responses

  1. It is nice to be a Good Girl….. Thank You Mistress Joanna. *giggle*

  2. no problem x

  3. This is awsome I love pet girl and mind control captions and this is the best of both.

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