Rubber BodySuit


Holy crap. What the fuck have you done
to me? How long was I asleep?

Do you not like it? It’s the latest thing in
bodysuits. The latex bonds to your skin
and you feel everything as if it was
really yours.

But I have a…. OH MY GOD.. that’s
sensitive. How is that possible?

Ah, you like? Yes it’s anatomically
correct. I don’t know how it does it, but
that pussy allows for full penetration. If
I wish it.

Don’t you mean if “I” wish? I’m a guy,
I don’t want to be having sex with other
guys. That’s not my thing.

Well you see darling, that’s out of your
control. There’s a control device in the
collar that will make you do anything I
tell you. And I am have big plans for you
my dear. They are going to just adore
you at the club from now on….

This is Lexi Dark

5 Responses

  1. Gosh, that’s quite a find of a pic! An impressive suit, that is, indeed. Marvelous cap!

  2. thanks… I’ve found a rather fun latex forum.. they post some interesting photos…

  3. i dig this 1 alot, she looks imoblizes and helpless and so sexy

  4. Check out some of the recent scans at where there’s two magazine shoots that have women with mannequins making out.

    One was from Playboy and the other French VOGUE.

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