Bimbo doll


Oh my, Andrew. You’ve turned
out even better than I could have
hoped for. You are simply exquisite.

You were perfect for this change;
no family, few friends. Nobody to
miss you. Did you really think I
befriended you because I felt sorry
for you? It was all part of the plan.
With my money I can have anything
I wanted. And I wanted my very
own plastic sissy doll.

And that’s you.

This is your home from now on.
The magic means you’ll never get
old, never get fat. You’ll stay like
this forever. I have loads of outfits
to dress you in. And I want all
my friends to come round and play
with you.

Won’t that be fun?

You’re my perfect little doll.

The simply gorgeous Ancilla Tilia

5 Responses

  1. Yes – love it!!!

    More latex and doll transformation. Its the perfect combination.


  2. You may well be in luck BL.. i’ve discovered some fantastic images….

  3. Amazing piece. I definately like it.

  4. in my opinion this last 1 is perfect, love the theme an the pic is very fitting 2 the plot. i hope your inspiration continues as sucessfully as it has

  5. Beautiful.

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