Monthly Catchup


Well good afternoon James. It’s time for
another of our monthly catch up sessions.
The Gemma personality has been temporarily
removed. You have control again. Like before
you be able to talk freely, but unable to move.
So how have you been this last month? You
are certainly looking well. Have you lost
weight? Lots of exercise I hope?

Oh my God Rachel, you fucking bitch. What
the hell have you turned me into? I have
found it impossible to think of anything but
sex this past month. I’ve not been able to
walk past a guy in the street without Gemma
flashing him a smile and a look down my
top and trying to seduce him. I’ve lost count
of the number of cocks I’ve sucked this month.
Every time I do it I die a little inside, but
Gemma takes control and I am helpless to

Well my dear James I’m glad to hear it. You
see tomorrow I’ve scheduled you for your final
surgery. We’re going to give Gemma a lovely
pussy to play with. Then you’ll be able to give
those lovely guys a whole lot more. Won’t that
be exciting?

Lindsey Strutt

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