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Last Wish

Crazy busy at work, and will do more captions soon. Until then check out this cool movie trailer for Last Wish.

It’s apparently a real project. Looks interesting!


The punishment fits the crime

OK Anthony, now that you’ve stopped
your little screaming fit, maybe you’ll let
me explain exactly what’s happening to you.

We’ve been watching you very closely,
Anthony. We know what you did to those
girls, even if the courts won’t do anything
because they’re too terrified to testify.

So in situations like that we step in to
ensure that justice is served. And we do
like to make the punishment fit the crime.

You’ve spent your life as a racist misogynist,
treating women with contempt. So what
better way of punishing you that to totally
turn your world view on its head.

So now you get to experience life on
the other side. Those massive boobs
are going to be very painful for you to
carry around – it will be interesting to
see how you cope with those.

Now, you have work to do, shall we
get started?

Alien Abduction

He struggled against his bonds, but
they held fast. Curse this body, it
was so much weaker than his old
one. He knew he had to escape,
and fast. The alien doctors were
using a combination of heavy
medication and hypnotic
suggestions to reprogram his whole
being. Already he could feel himself
slipping away.

Before the abduction he’d always
had a thing for busty redheads, but
when they showed him images they
did nothing for him. But an image
of a muscular man made him feel
more aroused than he’d ever felt

Some days he even forgot what it
was like to be male. He knew there
must be a reason for this, but as
yet they hadn’t told him. But he
shuddered at the thought of what
it might be….

Get over it

Christ Michael, can’t you go for at least 5 minutes without feeling yourself up? We’ve
been in each others bodies all weekend. Surely the novelty has worn off? Do you
think all women spend half the day playing with their clitoris or fondling their breasts?
You have a pussy now. Get over it. Half the planet has one.

Until we can find a way to switch back, we need to act as if nothing has happened.
I spent a long time getting that job and I am not going to have you screw it up for me.
I had better still have that job when we swap back or there will be hell to pay.

Now get your hands out of my panties and get some clothes on or you’re going to
be late.

Have to fight

have to fight

Gary stared at his father. “Dad, you need to remember who you were. Who
you are. They may have messed with our bodies, made us look like girls,
made us….. do those things, but if we can remember who we are then they
can’t win. Not totally. We can’t let them break us.” But he knew it was too
late. The man who was his father had gone, the light in his eyes had been
extinguished. And with that came the realisation that it was only a matter
of time before the same would happen to him. They were too strong and
he couldn’t fight them forever.

I am you, you are me

i am you, you are me

Peter looked at the pretty face staring back at him in the mirror. It was the woman
he’d picked up in the hotel bar last night. Once he’d had sex with her his rage took
over. He’d slapped her, called her a slut and told her to get out of his room. He liked
to treat them mean. She’d just laughed and slapped some kind of bracelet around his
wrist. The pain was intense and then he blacked out.
Written on the mirror in pink lipstick was a message. It said simply “Now I am you and
you are me. Who’s the slut now?”