Maid to Measure

So you actually did it? *This*
is your husband? I can’t believe
it. How is that possible?

Ah well my dear, with enough
money anything is possible.
There are some very “specialised”
clinics out there who will, for the
right amount of leverage, carry
out any surgery you wish.

And so for poor Gerald here, his
days of womanising are over. That’s
not to say he never gets to taste
pussy again – he’s been trained to
be very attentive. And totally
compliant – he’s learned the hard
way the punishments that follow
for the slightest disobedience. If
I give the order he’ll do anything to
anyone. Without question. No act
is off limits. I’ve been very thorough
in his training. He’s done it all.

I’ll have him come to your room
this evening and you can see
exactly how helpful he can be. I
can assure you that you won’t
be disappointed…

Sweet as Candy

Now Candy, I want you to meet Roger.
He’s going to be moving in with us. I
still need a big strong man around the
house, and you’re no longer able to
fill that role are you Candy?

No Mistress.

Good Girl. You will call him Master,
and you will obey him as you obey
me. Disobedience will be punished,
is that understood?

Yes Mistress.

Good Girl. Now I’ve been telling Roger
all about your dildo training. I think
it is only right that you demonstrate
what you have learnt on a real cock
for the first time. Oh don’t look so
shocked, you always knew this was
going to happen. Now, off you go…

Y…yes Mistress….

Part of the furniture

Jack hated the way they talked about him like he just was not there. Like he was just a pet or
something. Everything had gone downhill the moment his wife’s friend Gillian moved in to stay
with them. He’d started to feel odd ever since then. It was only a few months afterwards that he
found out what was going on. His wife and Gillian had been lovers for a long time. Once she
moved in they began the process of feminising Jack. They joked that he was pretty useless as a
man and would make a much better girl. Jack had tried to resist, but the constant medication
and treatments soon broke him. He became their submissive maid, while Gillian took his place
in his wife’s bed. They loved tying him up. Leaving him helpless in a chair watching them make
love. Or leaving him at their feet like another piece of furniture. Today they were talking about
bringing a man home and making a real woman of him. Jack shuddered but knew any protests
would be futile.

Are you sitting comfortably?

I… I can’t move. What have you done to
me you bitch?

Well of course you can’t move Stephen.
If you could, you’d probably try and kill
me right now. Again. But you won’t be able
to lift a finger against me any more. The
hypnotic programming has seen to that.
How do you like your new titties? I thought
about giving you small pert breasts, but I
know you were always such a tit man. You
liked them big and round. So I thought you
should have a massive pair of your very
own. Jugs, melons, tits. Big enough to make
your back ache all the time. You are going
to have to choose bras carefully or you
are going to be in a lot of pain. Just one
of the many joys of being a woman you
are about to discover. You are going to
experience the lot. Period cramps, killer
heels. Clothing that makes you feel almost
naked. Men who hump you and dump you.
You are going to hate being treated like a
bimbo. And I am going to love every minute
of your discomfort. You’ve deserved every
second of this darling.
Welcome to your new life.

Who Are You?

I don’t know who you are lady. Did you really expect me to believe that crazy story about you being my husband. Do I look stupid to you? No, you’re going to stay like that until the police arrive. Maybe they can find a nice little cell for you until you start telling the truth. I’m sure you’ll be a real hit down at the station looking like that….

This is Hanna Callow

Lady of the Manor


Well don’t you two look just divine in your new outfits? Who’d have
thought that my useless husband and layabout stepson could have
become such wonderful maids?

Those subliminal training tapes have done such a fantastic job at
bending your personalities – I love the fact that you both now have
such delighful french accents too.

And although it’s cute that you two cannot take your eyes off each
other, I expect a full days work before you are allowed any playtime.
If I catch you slacking you will be sorely punished.

With the pair of you now legally dead I’m really going to enjoy
living the high life as lady of the manor.

Now girls, get to work. This house won’t clean itself…

New Breasts


So how are you liking the new breasts, David? Too big? Your back hurting?
Well you should have thought of that. You were the one always going on at me to get implants – well just before the op I swapped our bodies.

Those lovely big puppies swinging on your chest are all yours now honey. But of course as your husband I expect to be able to play with them too.

You’re going to love all the clothes in your new wardrobe. It’s all tight tops and very low cut to really show off your assets. The guys are going to be looking at you with lust wherever you go, and their wives with hate or jealousy.

It’s going to be quite amusing seeing you struggle to get used to your new body. I guess you should always be careful what you wish for…

The gorgeous Brandy Robbins

Inspired by “I Got Double D’s” by Ed Gay. Read it on Fictionmania

Lap Dancer


Well darling. Haven’t you turned out just wonderfully. I bet you’re feeling quite
exposed and vulnerable right now.

Well you should have thought about that before you started visiting those
clubs. Sleeping with those sluts. Did you think I wouldn’t find out Richard? You
humiliated me and now I will humiliate you.

Since you love those lapdancing clubs so much I thought you might
like to work in one. Let’s see how it feels to be a piece of meat on
display to all those lusty businessmen. Shaking your titties for a few extra
dollars. With their grubby hands all over you.

With a body like that you are going to be very much in demand. And if they
ask you to do “extras” you had better do them. This surgery wasn’t cheap and
I want it repaid in full.

Once you make enough money, I’ll have the changes reversed. So the sluttier
you are, the quicker you can get back to being a guy. Quite a delicious irony, when
you think about it.



Listen honey, I’ve played along with all your games so far.

I’ve let you remove my body hair, cover my face in makeup and attach
hair extensions.

I even let you glue those silicone falsies to my chest.

Yes, I can’t believe how good I look either. I look like my own sister.

But.. if you think I am going to totter around in heels like this, then you
have got another thing coming.

Can’t I wear something more comfortable?

Very Berry


Now this is simply delicious. The serum has
worked wonders on you Reginald. Nobody
would recognise you as my bastard of a
husband. And now you get to watch as the
serum begins its work on that thug of a
stepson of mine. Say goodbye to your boy.

Doesn’t he look so much better already? I
think both of you will be so much better
as girls. I hope you will both be a lot more
compliant this way. You don’t know how
much I hated having the pair of you treat
me no better than a housemaid. Neither of
you showed me any respect. Well all that
is going to change now, my dear. Things will
be very different around here from now on.

Ah wonderful. His transformation is complete.
I took the liberty of asking for some quite
specific changes. You see you are going to like
both boys and girls. And you really have the
hots for each other. You are going to be
unable to keep your hands off each other.
Hmm… there she goes now. Doesn’t that feel
so good? You make such a good couple.

Nobody will believe that these two sluts are
my husband and stepson. I’ve had your boat
vanish and sink. The world will think you went
down with it. And I will inherit your fortune.
And can use you two as housemaids. If you
can stop screwing long enough. Now I’ll
leave you to get reacquainted. Have fun girls!


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