The Lingerie Model

Looking back, he still couldn’t believe that the girl in the photos was really him. He’d agreed to wear the
bodysuit to help launch Jenny’s lingerie line. None of the real models they’d seen had measured up, so
they designed their own. He’d reluctantly agreed, but was amazed when he found that he slipped into the
role of Heather the model almost perfectly. He loved being pampered. Of course, he wouldnt admit it to his
friend Jenny. But when he took the suit off he felt… disappointed? He hated his drab male life.

He didn’t realise that not only had the lingerie launch been a hit, so had Heather. The requests for
her services came flooding in to Jenny’s office. He pretended he was shocked but secretly he was ecstatic.
He now had the chance to spend an extended period as Heather. And this time he was going to make
sure he experienced every sensation of being a woman. He couldn’t wait!

I just love this model from the Bravissimo and La Senza catalogues. I think her name is Heather Crook, but I can’t be 100% sure. She’s gorgeous!


Look, stand still, I’m doing the best I can OK? It’s just that the release tab doesn’t seem to be moving. Yes I know what I am doing. Yes I’m using the correct tool. Look, I’ve done this loads of times, there’s never been a problem like this before. Moaning at me isn’t going to make me any faster. Now stand still before… Shit. Look what you’ve done now. It’s broken off. This must have been a faulty suit. I’ll get in touch with the manufacturers but it could be a few weeks before they get back to me. Sorry dude, looks like you’re going to be stuck like this for a while.



James lay on the floor exhausted. He’d had an amazing day. He’d removed his
dress but couldn’t bear to remove the underwear. Not just yet. He loved the way
the corset encased his body and supported his brand new breasts. He wanted to
wait just a little longer.

But tomorrow was another day, and he had three more days of hire on the body
suit. He’d already decided what he was going to wear. And he was going to
make a play for the cute concierge downstairs in the hotel reception. He saw
the way he checked him out today. James reckoned it wouldn’t take a lot of
effort to coax him upstairs. And then he could really start to enjoy himself!


This is the awesome Jelena Jensen.



OK Dave, I’ve worked out a rota. We can each wear the body suit for 48 hours at a
time. That way we each get a break and get a chance to be seen out with “Michelle”,
thus increasing our street cred.



Officer Jones had resisted the
changes at first. He was their
best undercover operative, but
even this was a challenge too
far. He was a butch guy, he’d
never pass as a girl. But once
they demonstrated the body
suit technology it had blown his

This was going to be a dangerous
mission. He couldn’t afford to let
slip anything that would give him

They’d really done the number
in changing how he moved,
and talked, and even thought.
When he met his partner for the
first time he found himself
comparing her body to his and
feeling a little jealous. He quite
fancied getting a corset like that



James couldn’t believe it. He’d spent almost his entire life savings on this body suit, and the effect was perfect. He’d spent years dreaming of this moment. He should get dressed, get out and hit the town. And he would, there was plenty of time for that. But for now, all he wanted to do was stay here and play with his brand new breasts! They were fantastic. He just couldn’t leave them alone….

Self Inflating


Damn Dave, I warned you not to go for the half price body suits. It’s a real pain having to inflate them ourselves…


Just a quickie…



Yes Dave, the body suit fits perfectly. Yes it feels
quite odd to have breasts. You’ll find out when it’s your
turn tomorrow. Now help me get this bloody bra on….

Just a quickie, with the gorgeous Heather Vandeven.

Chick Lit


Christ Gary, this stuff is uncomfortable.

Calm down. Look, how were you to know that chick-lit book you wrote as Rachel
Williams was going to become such a best-seller? How long have you been
writing as Brad, and how many rejections have you had?

I know, she’s a hit. But this is still a crazy idea. I still don’t see why we couldn’t
have hired a model to stand in as me.

A model wouldn’t have known all the finer details of your books. The interviews
would have sounded false. Look, the publishers want Rachel to do the
publicity circuit and we’re going to give them Rachel. The body suit wasn’t
too expensive. And when the world sees the girl behind the books there’s going to
be a massive sales boost, more than enough to cover the investment.

For the next six weeks, you’re going to have to stay in character. We can’t afford
to let the illusion drop. Look on it as a way to better understand some of your

Maybe you can write a book about it!

(Model for this is the lovely Marketa Brymova)

The latex suit


After the face mask and hairpiece had set in place, Brandon stepped into the main part of the body suit which had been softening in the bath.

It was hard to describe the odd sensations as the suit cooled and moulded itself to his body.

He loved the sensation of his breasts jiggling as he fondled them. This was going to be a vacation to remember.


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