The punishment fits the crime

OK Anthony, now that you’ve stopped
your little screaming fit, maybe you’ll let
me explain exactly what’s happening to you.

We’ve been watching you very closely,
Anthony. We know what you did to those
girls, even if the courts won’t do anything
because they’re too terrified to testify.

So in situations like that we step in to
ensure that justice is served. And we do
like to make the punishment fit the crime.

You’ve spent your life as a racist misogynist,
treating women with contempt. So what
better way of punishing you that to totally
turn your world view on its head.

So now you get to experience life on
the other side. Those massive boobs
are going to be very painful for you to
carry around – it will be interesting to
see how you cope with those.

Now, you have work to do, shall we
get started?

Alien Abduction

He struggled against his bonds, but
they held fast. Curse this body, it
was so much weaker than his old
one. He knew he had to escape,
and fast. The alien doctors were
using a combination of heavy
medication and hypnotic
suggestions to reprogram his whole
being. Already he could feel himself
slipping away.

Before the abduction he’d always
had a thing for busty redheads, but
when they showed him images they
did nothing for him. But an image
of a muscular man made him feel
more aroused than he’d ever felt

Some days he even forgot what it
was like to be male. He knew there
must be a reason for this, but as
yet they hadn’t told him. But he
shuddered at the thought of what
it might be….

Have to fight

have to fight

Gary stared at his father. “Dad, you need to remember who you were. Who
you are. They may have messed with our bodies, made us look like girls,
made us….. do those things, but if we can remember who we are then they
can’t win. Not totally. We can’t let them break us.” But he knew it was too
late. The man who was his father had gone, the light in his eyes had been
extinguished. And with that came the realisation that it was only a matter
of time before the same would happen to him. They were too strong and
he couldn’t fight them forever.

Red for Danger

Dani Jensen

Andrew hooked a strand a loose hair
behind his ear without thinking. He
could remember coming into his
apartment and then nothing. It all went
blank until he woke up, face down on
his bed in the body of a hot redheaded
chick over half his age.

Think. Damn it. How could this have
happened? This was impossible, right?
Then he remembered, that old lady
who’d stepped out in front of his car.
He’d given her a piece of his mind.
She said something about him “being a
big man to pick on an old lady. Maybe
he wouldn’t be a big man for much
longer.” Was that it? Had she done
this to punish him? He had to find
her, get her to change him back before
he did something stupid. He was
already aware of a dampness between
his legs. He suddenly felt so horny – he
couldn’t control this body. The old lady
could wait, he knew what he had to do
first and, inwardly screaming at his
weak-mindedness, he headed into town
to get it….

Dani Jensen


It had taken months of preparation. Every night he spent hours meditating as she slept,
reaching out with his mind, visualising what it would be like to be her. She was perfect,
and he wanted nothing more than to be her…

Then one night he broke through, for only an instant he gained control. Each night
these periods became longer and his control over her sleeping body became stronger.
Until finally he knew it was time to take over permanently.

And so, that morning he finally opened her eyes. He smiled, a whole new life awaited
and he couldn’t be happier.

Image of the Goddess

The two girls giggled as they watched the man
struggle against his bonds. They knew it was
pointless to resist the inevitable. The Goddess
would reward them for this offering. This was
their first, and they knew they had chosen
well. He was a strong one, and would make
a fine addition to the sisterhood. He winced
as they stuck a needle in his leg, the sedative
soon rendered him unconscious….

As soon as he awoke he knew something was
very wrong. He was still tightly bound but his
body was also encased in a tight fabric. His
feet were thrust at an odd angle and hair
tickled his shoulders. He hadn’t had hair for
a long time. He glanced down and the sight
of a pair of pert breasts shocked him. This
just was not possible. How could he have
become a girl?

Just then a woman entered the room. She
looked at him with a sly smile. “Well hello my
dear, I see you are awake. It’s time to begin
your training. I will recreate you in the image
of the Goddess. You are going to become a
very obedient young lady – I am going to see
to that personally….


He’d deliberately taken her life. The punishment
for that was quite clear.

The Sisterhood were not all-powerful. No
magic could reanimate a corpse, whatever
you might have read. Once the spark of life
had gone out there was nothing left but meat.

But they could remould existing flesh. And
the killer became the donor. It was a
long painful process, taking several days.
Bones cracked, internal organs shifted and
changed. This was no quick magic trick.
He felt the pain as his body became alien
to him. As ‘he’ became ‘her’.

And so finally the body was ready. Done
quick enough the soul could still be called
back to inhabit this new vessel. Her life could
continue. He would still be there, trapped in
the dark recesses of the brain – always
aware of his punishment but unable to

She opened her eyes and smiled. Life
was good.

(Ancilla Tilia)

Maid to Measure

So you actually did it? *This*
is your husband? I can’t believe
it. How is that possible?

Ah well my dear, with enough
money anything is possible.
There are some very “specialised”
clinics out there who will, for the
right amount of leverage, carry
out any surgery you wish.

And so for poor Gerald here, his
days of womanising are over. That’s
not to say he never gets to taste
pussy again – he’s been trained to
be very attentive. And totally
compliant – he’s learned the hard
way the punishments that follow
for the slightest disobedience. If
I give the order he’ll do anything to
anyone. Without question. No act
is off limits. I’ve been very thorough
in his training. He’s done it all.

I’ll have him come to your room
this evening and you can see
exactly how helpful he can be. I
can assure you that you won’t
be disappointed…

Witness Protection

He should have known things were wrong from the beginning, but they were so convincing.
His testimony would sink McGregor’s whole operation and he knew they’d go to extreme
lengths to silence him. So the witness protection agency needed extreme measures to hide
him. They assured him that everything being done was reversible. Just before the trial
they’d change him back. Until then, he had to learn how to live as a girl. It felt strange
at first, but he worked hard and soon all the mannerisms became second nature. He just
loved the sensations of having breasts and quickly built up a large collection of lingerie.
The cocktail of drugs and hormones worked its magic on his body, but it also kept him
compliant. He never questioned any of the treatments, even when one day he woke up
with a brand new pussy. He loved it, and could only think about how much better he
would look in a bikini. Thoughts of changing back had all but left his mind.
He didn’t know that McGregor had found him right from the start. His people had made the
switch long before Witness Protection got to him. There would never be a trial. Instead
he was going to make a lot of money from this one. She was going to be very popular….

Sasha Bonilova


What kind of fool buys enchanted
chocolates and then leaves them
lying around the flat? Simon had
bought them to ensnare a girl he
rather fancied – she’d become
his perfect girlfriend.

He’d only popped out of the house
for 10 minutes. But that was enough
time for Gerry, his idiot flatmate to
sneak a chocolate out of the box.
Nobody would notice, would they?

As the enchantment took hold Gerry
found himself unable to resist eating
another, and another. And with each
chocolate his mind and body altered.
Until Simon came home to find Geri,
naked on his bed looking up at him
with untamed lust in her eyes.

He saw the empty chocolate box and
smiled. It wasn’t quite how he’d
planned things, but who was he to
refuse such a beauty?

Isis Taylor


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