The Sultan never failed to be impressed by the power of the amulet. That a mere 5 minutes after bursting into his chambers intent on assassinating him the two burly soldiers now simpered before him as beautiful slave girls. He enjoyed ordering them to explore each others bodies, revelling in the confusion on their faces as their minds experienced the new sensations of womanhood. And then, he would order them to kneel before him, where he would leave them in no doubt about the expectations of their new role as members of his harem.

Janine Lindemulder and TS friend Vanity.

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Don’t look like that, Gary. You’re a girl now. Don’t tell me you haven’t secretly thought about
what it would be like to be with a guy? It’s only natural. And to be honest, the thought of sharing
my newly feminised boyfriend with another guy really turns me on…

So today we are going to practise with these toys. You are going to learn some interesting new
skills. And then later we can go out and try and bag a guy. What red blooded male is going to
resist the pair of us. It’ll be fun to watch you. I’m sure you’ll love it. Now, lets get to work, come
over here and I’ll show you some techniques that will blow his mind….  

Capri Anderson and Taylor Vixen


It had started as a bit of fun. His girlfriend, Jenny, had bought some amulet that was
claimed had magical powers. She’d begged him to try it out on him, make him a
girl for a few hours. They could fool around. A few hours of lesbian sex, didn’t make
him gay right? So Gary agreed, and was amazed that it actually worked.

But their fun was interrupted by the doorbell. Gary wanted to ignore it but Jenny
thought it would be fun to see him squirm a little and pushed him towards the door.
It was two of his friends. “Oh.. erm…. Gary isn’t here right now…” They couldn’t take
their eyes off his heaving cleavage, he could hear Jenny giggling in the room next
door at his obvious embarrassment. “I’m his cousin.. erm.. Sarah. I’m visiting for a
short while….”. He tried to hurry them out the door, then something strange
happened. Jenny must have tinkered with the amulet a little more. He suddenly felt
incredibly horny. He was aware of a growing moistness in his pants, a sensation that
he’d never felt before. He was unable to control himself.

“Say, I’m just here with a friend of Gary’s. Would you two boys like to join us for
a drink?” And with that she flashed them a smile and pushed her breasts out a
little more. They were putty in her hands. How could they refuse?

This was about to become an afternoon none of them would ever forget…

Kylee Strutt

Bad Hobbits

Just a quickie, but once I found this image I couldn’t resist. Let’s just say this is in the Director’s Cut.

The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen watched the action on the jumbo screen. They never liked to miss a moment.
They had spent a lot of money on this initiative, but it was moments like this that made it all
worthwhile. They were not surprised that the two girls had finally given in to their desires, they
had both been red-blooded men before their treatment, it was only natural that they found each
other attractive. No, it was the tenderness and softness with which the new girls made love to
one another, a million miles away from the brutal way they had treated women in the past. The
physical and mental modifications had taken hold perfectly. Tomorrow, the treatments would
begin to alter sexual orientation. Would their creations truly embrace their femininity completely?
Only time would tell. But for now, the Gentleman sat back and enjoyed the show.

Joannas Diary Part 3

Joanna’s Diary
by Miss Joanna Nicholls

Part Three:

In my earlier instalments, I told how my wife Karen became my dominant mistress and how I became her feminised submissive maid. Mistress Karen then ordered me to ‘service’ a male friend of hers called Peter. I lost my ‘virginity’ to him that night and have felt his rigid cock inside me many times since then. It feels good to know that I can give a man such pleasure.

Since then, Mistress Karen and Master Peter have taken great delight in putting their maid to good use. Mistress Karen has become more and more dominant. During her menstrual period, she ensures that I too suffer. At first, she would insert a tampon in my anus. I would keep it there all for 24 hours then change it. I wore one constantly until her own flow had stopped. Last time she came in with a pair of rubber pants with an anal sheath so that a dildo could be inserted. She locked my wrists to my collar, put a bag over my head and made me kneel over the end of the bed. I could feel her lubricating my rear, so I had some indication of what was going to happen. The pants were pulled up my legs until the sheath was nuzzling my rear, then I could feel the hardness of the dildo as she inserted in deep into me. When it was almost all in she pulled my pants high and tight. Continue reading

School Punishment

Don’t worry Dave. I remember feeling
stupid the first time the Headmistress
turned me into a girl too. It’s an odd
experience, and an unusual punishment.

But, here’s the thing… and don’t tell
anyone else… I quite enjoy it. I know I
shouldn’t, but I do.

And yes, some of the things I have
had to do have been humiliating. There
was this one time where by pure bad
luck I ran into the rugby team and I was
unable to resist…. I guess that loss of
control is what the teachers hope we’ll
not want to repeat.

But it doesn’t have to be that bad. This
body can do some amazing things… let
me show you. Just let me open your
blouse here and…… there. Now doesn’t
that feel good? And that’s not all, just
let me do this and…… see. Didn’t I say?

Stick with me girl, and we can have
some real fun. You won’t want to
change back. I promise.

Pics from St Mackenzies…


He was first aware of the changes after only
a day of being in the house. Jenny’s hair had
turned from blonde to a dark red. Over the next
6 days she became unrecognizable. Her
slender, tomboyish frame became much
curvier and her A cup breasts ballooned to
a voluptuous D cup. She had the body of
a porn star. And a sex drive to match. She
became insatiable. And he was only happy to
oblige her.

He couldn’t believe his luck. That was until
the 8th day when he noticed his own chest
felt sore and tender. And he’d lost a little
height. As the days progressed he became
more and more feminine. His cock got smaller
and smaller until by day 11 sex as a man was
impossible. By day 12 he had a pussy of his
very own and they began to explore the array
of sex toys they had discovered.

By day 14 he had become the identical twin
of his girlfriend. They spent the day in a haze
of lesbian sex. But they both wanted to feel a
real cock. The realization shocked him at first,
but he quickly embraced it. And he knew he
wanted one badly.

On day 15 a new doorway appeared, leading to
a second room. Inside they found the master of
the house. Naked. The two new girls licked their
lips. They knew what they were here to do….

Big, Bigger, Biggest

So what do you think?

Well they’re great. But did they have to be so

Of course darling. Remember, these are my
wishes, and I want you to have big boobs. I’ve
always loved girls with big boobs. Ever since I
was a young girl. I guess I was jealous.

But these are massive. I’ll be a laughing stock.

No you won’t. Men won’t be able to take their
eyes off you. Nobody will ever be able to look
you in the eye again. Now to help you get
to love them… does it feel if I do this?

OH MY…… that was fantastic. Do it again.

I will my dear, but maybe first I should make
them just a little bit bigger. You don’t mind,
do you…..?

Final Injection

Now Greg, I think it’s only fitting
that your final injection is
administered by that slut of a
girlfriend of yours. This is the first
time she’s seen you since I had you
both worked on. I hope she likes
the new you.

This injection contains the last of
your hormone shots. They’ve done
such a wonderful job to your body
haven’t they?

You’re now ready for the training
programme. I’m looking forward to
breaking you both in. I’ve always
wanted my own pair of rubber maids
around the house. It’s going to be
fantastic watching you both
humiliated like that. Now, here comes
that needle….


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