Hired Help


“My God. The rumours are true?
That really is.. was… your husband?”

“It certainly is. She answers to the
name of Juanita now. I’ve had her
mind wiped and a whole new persona
implanted. She only speaks a few words
of English. She thinks she’s here
illegally and if she doesn’t do exactly
as I tell her, I’ll get her deported home.
And by anything.. she’ll do *anything*”

“That must have cost a pretty penny”

“George’s trust fund can cope with it,
and since his.. terrible plane crash.. I
have his fortune to play with. Poor
Juanita will never see a penny of it.
Now Juanita, be a love and fix us some
drinks. Then get back to your chores.
And if you ladder your lovely stockings
I will have to punish you. You

“Si Mistress”

Breast Friends


Jennifer could never help but smile whenever she looked in on her two “girls” in their
playroom. Her bastard of a husband and useless stepson had become the perfect
busty lesbian sluts.

She was particularly pleased with the breast implants that she had acquired for them.
Each one secreted a powerful female hormone via the nipple. Add to that some strong
hypnotic conditioning to fill them with the desire to suck each others nipples as often
as they could meant the little darlings had practically feminised themselves. The more
they sucked each other, the bigger their tits got. She should really stop the hormones
now, but she was intrigued how much bigger they would get.

The girls didn’t know it yet, but there were several webcams in the room that
transmitted every lick and every suck to thousands of paying viewers across the internet
so they were also unwittingly funding their transformation at the same time!

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Another day, another body. James lay
motionless on the sofa – unable to move
until the client entered. Once activated he
became the perfect escort for the evening,
doing whatever the client wanted.

Every night he changed to become the clients
perfect woman – he’d been blonde, brunette,
tall short. Tonight he was a petite asian girl.
The things he’d had to do made him sick if he
thought about them too much. He tried to
mentally withdraw and let the programming
take over.

He wished he’d never set foot in that massage
parlour. He’d been drunk and never intended to
hurt that girl. But he could never have imagined
the punishment they’d have dreamt up for him.
He felt like nothing more than an animated
mannequin. The waiting was the hardest
thing – not knowing who was going to walk
through that door next…

Start the bidding


“Good evening gentlemen. As always
it is an honour to address you.

Up for auction tonight is a particularly
prized exhibit. Former CIA agent James
Monroe. Seems he’d got a little too close
to the operation we have here. So I
personally saw to it that he had an
insiders view of the whole process.

His will is completely broken. His CIA
training was no match for the extreme
training and drug package I administer.
He’ll obey every command without
question and has been trained in every
sexual act you can think of. And a few
more you can’t. But I’ll let him teach you
those. My little surprise gift.

Penis and balls are shrivelled, but intact.
Whoever wins the bidding can decide
if you want to keep them or complete
the feminisation.

He is a mighty fine prize. Shall we start
the bidding at 2 million US dollars?

Monthly Chat


Hello David. It’s time for another of our monthly chats. It’s so good to see you -
the changes since last month are simply breathtaking. I see they have plumped up
those wonderful pert breasts of yours. Pull down your top so I can see them better.
Fabulous. Now, you are free to speak.

My God Sarah, please you have to stop this. I’m sorry for what I did but is this
really a rational way to deal with it? Keeping me hypnotised while you turn me
into a girl? And the treatments, they are getting more and more bizarre. This
week I’ve done nothing but suck cocks.  I’ve found myself craving them, actually
begging to do it. What have you done to my mind? I’ve never fancied men before.
Please change me back before it’s too late. I don’t want to be a girl.

Oh do be quiet. You see tomorrow you are booked in for the final surgery.
We’re going to take that pathetic little dick of yours and give you a lovely soft
pussy. Then you’ll be able to take a cock at each end. In fact, you’ll insist on it.
Then there’ll be no going back. David will be gone, and Davina, my flirty little PA and
office slut, will be here to stay…



Many thoughts rushed through Greg’s mind as he stared at the woman in the mirror. Was that really him? How long had this taken? Why did he have no memory of any of it? How had he lost so much weight? When the hell had he started smoking?

None of this made sense. He’d checked himself into a clinic to cure his depression.But that was back in January. The calendar on the wall said October. Where had the year gone? Had he been sedated for all this time?

With all these questions, he’d been putting off the big one. How the hell had he become a girl? Was this for real? He’d always loved women, but he’d never wanted to become
one? Had he? Did this mean he was now expected to fancy guys? That thought should have got him worried but as he thought about it his mind was filled with images of naked men and
he knew that was what he wanted. He took another deep drag on his cigarette – he had this urge to suck something and his mind drifted to images of him, on his knees, giving head to some young stud. Was this a memory of something he’d already done? or a deep desire of something yet to come?

He felt an odd dampness in his new pussy. An urge to be filled. And he was surprised that he accepted all this totally. They must have messed with his head as well as his body. He’d never had a gay thought in his life and here he was willing to give himself totally to another man. To be fucked. He needed it so badly.

Just then, the door opened and a male nurse stepped inside. Greg smiled. This was what it had all been leading up to. He licked his lips and walked towards him. This was going to be a night to remember…



“And he has no idea that these changes are taking place?”

“None at all. The tapes we play prepare his mind for each successive
change. The hair extensions, the hormone treatment, the breast implants
were all accepted totally once we gave him the appropriate conditioning
commands. As far as he is concerned he has always been female.”

“So what’s he listening to today?”

“Well now we are working on his sexual drive. We want him to be
highly aroused but extremely submissive. He’ll crave sex, and do
anything we tell him to do.”

“Excellent, this is your best work so far Professor. I look forward to
breaking this one in personally…”



Mark awoke from his sleep and felt refreshed. He always felt amazing
after the hypnotherapy sessions. The doctors told him he was responding
well and pretty soon he’d be totally cured of his violent moodswings that
had got him into so much trouble.

He looked down at his painted nails. He was pleased how good they looked.
He’d asked to wear makeup after the last session. He didn’t know why but
it felt great. And he loved the way his legs looked in stockings. It just felt
right to want these things. The doctors said it was OK, and that they’d help, if
that was what he *really* wanted. All he had to do was ask.

Oddly, he found himself wanting larger breasts. He hadn’t felt like that before
today. They’d been a little sore and tender recently. He wondered if he
should ask the nurse about this. She was always to helpful when he asked
for all these girly things….

From the U.N.I.T Files 2


Eyes Only

U.N.I.T Operative File
Major Jane (John) McClure
Operative 4456-7362

Part of pilot programme, our first
successful reassignment. Operative
has been in female role over 5years.

Specialising in deep infiltration
and interrogation Jane has proven
herself in the field time and time


Erotic Dancing
High Explosives



From the U.N.I.T Files 1


page 4

…. where she proceeded to have sex with the
entire squadron.

It is of my opinion that the transformation
of this operative has only partially been

As the fourth operative to be transformed
it was my decision to increase the levels
of hormones released by the implant in a
bid to produce an even more pliable

This had the side effect of leaving Corp.
Jenkins in a permanent adolescent state.
Although his body is now that of a woman
he has all the rebellion and attitude of
a teenage girl.

Reverting the hormone levels for subjects
5 and 6 have produced much more stable

He has twice had to be confined to his
quarters for insubbordination and has
shown himself to be totally unready for
field operations.

The incident referred to on the previous
page was just one of many where his desire
for sexual experimentation has put the
reputation of this unit on the line.

Furthermore, the incident with the goat was…..



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