Exam Blues

He couldn’t quite believe it, but
this might just work. With the
wig and glasses in place he
was the spitting image of his

All he had to do know was
pretend to be her for just a
few hours. Head into college,
sit the exam for her and then
head back home.

What could possibly go wrong….?

Nikki Rhodes

Latex Ball

Don’t try and pull it off, David. You’ll find that hair is very much attached to your
head. Likewise those breasts are very securely affixed to your chest. They look and
feel as if they have always been part of  you.

Oh don’t look so shocked. When we joked about you going to the latex ball dressed
as a woman you knew I’d throw myself into making you look as good as possible. I
didn’t want you to look like a bloke in a frock. So I took the liberty of getting some top
of the range medical prosthetics. It’s all reversible, but has to naturally come away
from the skin in a month. So you get to really try out the female experience my dear.

And just wait to see what you’ve got under your skirt….

Joannas Diary Part 3

Joanna’s Diary
by Miss Joanna Nicholls

Part Three:

In my earlier instalments, I told how my wife Karen became my dominant mistress and how I became her feminised submissive maid. Mistress Karen then ordered me to ‘service’ a male friend of hers called Peter. I lost my ‘virginity’ to him that night and have felt his rigid cock inside me many times since then. It feels good to know that I can give a man such pleasure.

Since then, Mistress Karen and Master Peter have taken great delight in putting their maid to good use. Mistress Karen has become more and more dominant. During her menstrual period, she ensures that I too suffer. At first, she would insert a tampon in my anus. I would keep it there all for 24 hours then change it. I wore one constantly until her own flow had stopped. Last time she came in with a pair of rubber pants with an anal sheath so that a dildo could be inserted. She locked my wrists to my collar, put a bag over my head and made me kneel over the end of the bed. I could feel her lubricating my rear, so I had some indication of what was going to happen. The pants were pulled up my legs until the sheath was nuzzling my rear, then I could feel the hardness of the dildo as she inserted in deep into me. When it was almost all in she pulled my pants high and tight. Continue reading

Joannas Diary Part 2

Joanna’s Diary
by Miss Joanna Nicholls
Part Two:

I wrote a while back about my mistress, Karen, and how she has turned me into a submissive TV slut. I am not allowed to wear male undies at home, and have to do all the housework in whatever outfits she sees fit. I have a large collection of maid’s outfits now, as well as lots of sexy undies.

Recently she has become increasingly dominant and regularly fucks me with a strap-on dildo. She said that it was in preparation to get me ready to lose my cherry to a real man. I became increasingly worried by the thought of this, but deep down, the thought of it also excited me.

Well, the other day, I was doing the washing up. I was wearing my hot pink rubber dress and a pair of see-through plastic pumps with four-inch heels. Underneath, I was wearing a black basque, the lace of which has been replaced by a length of chain. This is locked in place with another padlock. I had a long blonde wig on. This was not the most practical thing to be wearing to do the housework in, but I am not in a position to argue.

Continue reading

Joanna's Diary Part 1

An old piece of fiction I posted a long, long time ago…. reposted here by request as it’s been removed from my main website. It’s in three parts, here’s Part 1:

Joannas Diary – Part 1
By Miss Joanna Nicholls

Let me introduce myself. My name is Joanna. My mistress has ordered me to write this story. I am sitting at my computer wearing my best secretary’s clothes; a long sleeved white blouse and a very short black skirt. The skirt is so short it keeps riding up and exposing the tops of my black stockings. My feet are buckled into 4-inch high stilettos. I am shackled to my desk by a chain which goes around the leg of the desk, then around my ankle.

I am kept strictly under control by my mistress, Karen and have to do exactly as instructed at all times or I am punished. I suppose I had better start by describing how I became a submissive TV maid. Although I have been crossdressing for many years now, my wife had never taken much of an active role in any way connected with cross-dressing. But she started reading some of my Dom/Sub magazines that she found in my wardrobe and all that began to change.

It all started on my birthday last year. I wasn’t working on that day and was hoping for the chance to wear some pretty clothes. Karen woke me at 7.30 that morning and told me that she had a special treat for my birthday. She added that I was to do anything she asked without question or the treat would be cancelled.

I agreed. I was instructed to run myself a bath. As I lay in the warm bubbly water, Karen entered and told me to stand up. I did so. Then to my surprise she started to shave every hair off my body from my neck down to my feet. Once completely hairless I dried off and Karen dusted me down with perfumed talc. I thought I was dreaming, as this was totally out of character for her. Continue reading

Comic : Accounts

Mirror Image

So what do you think?

I…. I look amazing … how did you….

How did I know? I could guess,
David. This wasn’t the first time you’d
dressed. Am I correct?

Well… maybe… but I’d only ever
dabbled. I never even dreamed I
could look like this.

So I did a little research… found a few
things that helped pull your body
into shape. A decent wig, and some
well applied makeup and voila. You
are actually a perfect canvas. You’re
lucky you’re not a very muscular guy.

I… I can’t believe this is me. I’ve
always dreamed of this.

I know. Now what do you say we hit
a bar. You can’t get all dressed up like
this and stay inside. The world needs to
see a beauty like you. Now quick before
you change your mind.

Natasha Marley.



Listen honey, I’ve played along with all your games so far.

I’ve let you remove my body hair, cover my face in makeup and attach
hair extensions.

I even let you glue those silicone falsies to my chest.

Yes, I can’t believe how good I look either. I look like my own sister.

But.. if you think I am going to totter around in heels like this, then you
have got another thing coming.

Can’t I wear something more comfortable?

Driving Test


Dan still couldn’t believe he’d let his sister convince him to pretend
to be her to pass her driving test.

A Friday morning quickie. This is Capri Anderson.



There were times that James could not quite believe that his sister had talked him into
applying for a job at the advertising agency as a girl after having no luck looking for one as a boy.

Amusement turned to anxiety when he was called to interview. But Susan made him look fantastic, and much to his surprise he, as Jenny, got the job.

To maintain the lie Susan threw out all his boy clothes. He had to live as Jenny 24/7.
She didn’t want any slip ups to give her real identity away. Susan had even convinced her to start taking female hormones to help with the illusion. She promised it was all reversible if Jenny wanted to stop.

Things had got more confusing when Derek from accounts begun to take a shine to her.
And she found herself reciprocating. He’d asked her out on a date tonight and she’d
shocked herself by saying yes.

She was excited and terrified about the date. But Jenny had taken over his life and James realised that this was what he had always wanted. He couldn’t wait for tonight…


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