Last Wish

Crazy busy at work, and will do more captions soon. Until then check out this cool movie trailer for Last Wish.

It’s apparently a real project. Looks interesting!

Get over it

Christ Michael, can’t you go for at least 5 minutes without feeling yourself up? We’ve
been in each others bodies all weekend. Surely the novelty has worn off? Do you
think all women spend half the day playing with their clitoris or fondling their breasts?
You have a pussy now. Get over it. Half the planet has one.

Until we can find a way to switch back, we need to act as if nothing has happened.
I spent a long time getting that job and I am not going to have you screw it up for me.
I had better still have that job when we swap back or there will be hell to pay.

Now get your hands out of my panties and get some clothes on or you’re going to
be late.

I am you, you are me

i am you, you are me

Peter looked at the pretty face staring back at him in the mirror. It was the woman
he’d picked up in the hotel bar last night. Once he’d had sex with her his rage took
over. He’d slapped her, called her a slut and told her to get out of his room. He liked
to treat them mean. She’d just laughed and slapped some kind of bracelet around his
wrist. The pain was intense and then he blacked out.
Written on the mirror in pink lipstick was a message. It said simply “Now I am you and
you are me. Who’s the slut now?”


It had taken months of preparation. Every night he spent hours meditating as she slept,
reaching out with his mind, visualising what it would be like to be her. She was perfect,
and he wanted nothing more than to be her…

Then one night he broke through, for only an instant he gained control. Each night
these periods became longer and his control over her sleeping body became stronger.
Until finally he knew it was time to take over permanently.

And so, that morning he finally opened her eyes. He smiled, a whole new life awaited
and he couldn’t be happier.

Lock in those changes

You know Gary you are so gullible
sometimes. I’ve known all along what
was causing the changes to us. In fact,
it was me that caused it. I’ve enjoyed the
last 7 days as my body became more
and more masculine. It’s been very
amusing to see you try and cope with
those budding breasts and long blonde
hair. I must say you’re moving in those
heels like a natural.

I know I said that I’d been told that
if we had sex in these bodies it would
change us back. Well I lied. That was
the way to seal the changes. But
from the sounds you were making I
think you rather enjoyed that. I know
I did.

Don’t look at me like that. You’ll get
used to being me. Now get dressed,
We’re going out. I want to show off my
girlfriend to everyone.

The perfect solution

Don’t look so shocked Brian. This is the perfect
solution, can’t you see that? You must have had
a suspicion that I’ve always had a crush on you,
but I knew you would never think of me like that.

You only had eyes for Danielle. You worshipped the
ground she walked on but she never even noticed
you existed. She was such a bitch. It broke my
heart to see you pine over her like that.

So long story short, I found a way to become Danielle.
It was the answer to all our problems. You get the
girl of your dreams, and I get to be closer to you. You
don’t know how much I’ve wanted that.

Admit it, you’ve fantasised about this moment for
years. Well here she is – ready and willing to do
anything you want. Don’t think of me as a guy
anymore. I can be everything she was, and more.

Now are you going to stand there, slack jawed, or are
you going to come over here and kiss me?

Danielle Maye

Job Swap

I’m sorry honey. This is nothing personal,
you just happened to be the first John to
come along after I’d scraped all the spell
ingredients together. You’ve become my
identical twin. Nobody will know you’re
not me. And who would believe you if
you tell them what happened?

No, don’t try and move, you’re still
suffering the effects of the sedative. I’m
going to tie you up for a while. Just until
I’ve finished the second spell. Once I’ve
taken over your old male identity I’m
going to just stroll out of here and nobody
will suspect a thing.

You’ll be discovered in a few hours.
And my pimp will most definitely not let
you just walk out of here, however much
you protest. You’re one of his top earners.

You looked like the kind of guy who
spent a lot of time in places like this. Well
now you’re going to work in one.

On the job training

How the hell did women cope with
all this thought Geoff?

His huge breasts just got in the way
and made it difficult to do anything
They were so heavy his back
ached and his bra straps cut into
his shoulders.

And how did women type in this
stupid nails? Any sensible person
would cut them off. Plus this hair
kept falling in his face.

This really was an awful morning.
If he didn’t complete all the work
he’d been allotted he’d have to
spend another day like this, and get
even more work tomorrow.

He wished he’d never been so cruel
to his secretary and criticized her
workrate. Now he was being taught
a very important lesson. And he
was struggling….

Milena Velba

Morning Glory

I saw this poster for the new Harrison Ford/Rachel McAdams movie “Morning Glory” on the London Underground this morning. Straight away it had a feel of a genderswap movie, although, sadly the actual movie is nothing of the sort.

I added the two lines in red, the rest is “as is”

Scullery Maid

Now I think it’s time to remind you of your new position in this household. You are
no longer the Lord of the Manor. How could you be? That would be me. And you
now have my old role, as a poor little scullery maid. Well I may have looked stupid,
but I got you exactly where I wanted. And when you tried to seduce me, I slipped a
little something in your wine.

Did I ever tell you how my father died? Well, you had him killed. And this is my
revenge. I now control everything. Maybe I’ll let your enemies have it, maybe I’ll keep
it all for myself. Either way, you’re stuck like this. And don’t think of escape. You may
have my body, but you don’t have my brains. A secondary spell that will make it very
hard for you to think of anything too complicated. And sex. You’ll think of that quite
a bit. And if you ever do disappoint me, well maybe you’d prefer a spell in the kennels
as one of the bitches, or maybe as a sow, rolling around in the mud spawning piglets
by the dozen. Don’t think I can’t do that to you. I know some powerful magics.
No, you’ll do exactly as I tell you and be the perfect little maid.

Now, to seal the deal, you are going to show me what a good little girl you can be.
And then I am going to leave you tied to this table for the entertainment of the guards.
Now then, shall we begin?

Britney Spring


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