Red for Danger

Dani Jensen

Andrew hooked a strand a loose hair
behind his ear without thinking. He
could remember coming into his
apartment and then nothing. It all went
blank until he woke up, face down on
his bed in the body of a hot redheaded
chick over half his age.

Think. Damn it. How could this have
happened? This was impossible, right?
Then he remembered, that old lady
who’d stepped out in front of his car.
He’d given her a piece of his mind.
She said something about him “being a
big man to pick on an old lady. Maybe
he wouldn’t be a big man for much
longer.” Was that it? Had she done
this to punish him? He had to find
her, get her to change him back before
he did something stupid. He was
already aware of a dampness between
his legs. He suddenly felt so horny – he
couldn’t control this body. The old lady
could wait, he knew what he had to do
first and, inwardly screaming at his
weak-mindedness, he headed into town
to get it….

Dani Jensen


The reaction of his colleagues when they learned
that he was going to be the test subject was one
of shock. This turned to horror when they learned
he had chosen to be transformed into a girl, rather
than an augmented version of his male body. His
argument that a dramatic effect would show the
full potential of the treatment did not convince

This became worse as the full extent of the changes became apparent over recent weeks.
he’d chosen the most extreme look – his body
shrunk to a petite 5ft and his breasts ballooned to
an F cup, and they showed no signs of stopping. It
was clear what he was becoming and he began
to wear the sluttiest clothing possible. He revelled
in the looks of disgust from his female colleagues.
He was becoming a caricature of femininity – highly
sexualised. No real woman would behave like this,
outside of porn flicks. And he loved it. He knew
exactly what he was becoming. This had been his
fantasy for years. He lived for the looks of lust on
the faces of men as he minced past in another
skyscraper pair of stiletto heels – his massive breasts
spilling out of his top and his skirt barely covering
his panties.

When his cock finally retreated and was replaced by
a pussy he became insatiable. He craved sex so
much and would do anything do get it. And he had
no trouble finding anyone, male or female, to help
him out. He was so happy.

Pretty in Pink

Now listen my dear, you can throw
a tantrum if you like, but in the end
you will lose and you will put that
dress on. And you will smile, and
you will behave yourself when

Sure, you can keep trying to tell
people that your name is Paul and
not Amy, and that you are really a boy
but we all know that nobody believes
you. Do you realise how crazy you
sound? Do you want them to avoid you?

You are Amy, my niece. You always
have been. Maybe I need to change
your medication levels again? To help
stop these delusions?

Now be a good girl and put that
dress on. It is your birthday party after
all. You will look so pretty in it. Don’t
you want to look pretty?

There, that’s better. There’s a good

Accidents will happen

He tried to remember what life had been like before he’d
moved here… but it was all a blur.

He couldn’t remember anything past the accident. He’d fallen
down the stairs and broken both his arms and both legs. He
spent months in traction, He lost so much weight, and strangely
quite a bit of height. Mummy told him that was to be expected
after all the bone damage. The doctors couldn’t fix his tendons
properly, so it hurt if he tried to walk in anything less than a
5 inch heel. He quickly accepted all this. Why should be
question it? Mummy knew best.

He couldn’t remember why he called her Mummy, he just knew
it felt right.

Then he’d tripped and broken his nose. Another stay in hospital
with his face swathed in bandages. Afterwards his face seemed
different. He tried to explain this to Mummy but she told him not
to be silly. He’d always had such a pretty face. He was such
a pretty girl.

He was shocked when he started to develop breasts. Mummy
said he should be thrilled. He was obviously a late bloomer and
would soon lose that nasty boyish body and have a lovely curvy
one. He did want the boys to look at him didn’t he?

Sometimes he’d have dreams in which he was a boy. But
that was stupid, right? How could he have even been
a boy.

Video Evidence

“OK. We’re recording. Let’s start. This is Dr Jankins with test case X11734c.”

“Right. Where to begin? My name is Graham Masters and I am.. well I was… a 49 year old man.
That is until yesterday.. when.. Look, do we really have to do this?”

“Yes Mr Masters, we’ve been through this already. You agreed to go through with this trial and
in return we will reward you handsomely. *If* you do everything we say for the full 3 months.
But we need to document the whole thing. There’s a lot of money tied up in this nanobot
technology. We have to be careful. Now, proceed.”

“OK. Yesterday they injected me with something. You’ve already seen the footage. The pain
was incredible and I must have passed out. Today I feel… well I feel amazing. I’ve never felt
better. My own mother wouldn’t recognise me. And it feels so natural, like parts of my brain
are able to act on their own. I instantly knew how to dry my hair this morning. And walking in
heels was so easy, once I relaxed and didn’t think too hard about it.”

“Very good. Now get dressed. We want to see how you act in the field. Let’s get going.”

Scullery Maid

Now I think it’s time to remind you of your new position in this household. You are
no longer the Lord of the Manor. How could you be? That would be me. And you
now have my old role, as a poor little scullery maid. Well I may have looked stupid,
but I got you exactly where I wanted. And when you tried to seduce me, I slipped a
little something in your wine.

Did I ever tell you how my father died? Well, you had him killed. And this is my
revenge. I now control everything. Maybe I’ll let your enemies have it, maybe I’ll keep
it all for myself. Either way, you’re stuck like this. And don’t think of escape. You may
have my body, but you don’t have my brains. A secondary spell that will make it very
hard for you to think of anything too complicated. And sex. You’ll think of that quite
a bit. And if you ever do disappoint me, well maybe you’d prefer a spell in the kennels
as one of the bitches, or maybe as a sow, rolling around in the mud spawning piglets
by the dozen. Don’t think I can’t do that to you. I know some powerful magics.
No, you’ll do exactly as I tell you and be the perfect little maid.

Now, to seal the deal, you are going to show me what a good little girl you can be.
And then I am going to leave you tied to this table for the entertainment of the guards.
Now then, shall we begin?

Britney Spring

Maid to the Mob

He hated the way Luigi, his former right hand man now looked at him. It made his
skin crawl as he minced around the kitchen in this humiliating maids outfit. But he
had no choice, this was his new role in the organisation now. He’d taken several
beatings before the fight was finally knocked out of him. He was now a walking
example of what would happen if you tried to move against the Don.

The experiment

I’m sure you’ll all agree you have just witnessed something pretty amazing. An 18 stone, 45 year old male transforming into a petite 20 year old woman before your very eyes. The mental transformation has been just as comprehensive. This man was a violent rapist with no chance of parole. Now he is a young woman with another shot at life. A chance to be useful to society, to put something back. He’ll have no memory of his former identity or associates. All she will have is a feeling of having done wrong in the past and having to redeem herself. He’s been rewritten at the genetic level, even his DNA won’t show who he used to be.

We could empty the prisons of all the long term scum, all the repeat offenders, the mobsters and the dealers. The politicians would be falling over themselves to fund something like this
This young lady will be employed by the companyin the *ahem* recreational division. We’ve created avery sweet and submissive personality. I’d like you all to visit her as often as you can and ensure her programming does not suffer any setbacks. Now, who’ll be willing to help me demonstrate what she can do. All of you? Good, I’m sure she’ll like that. Let’s get started then….

Daddy Dearest

Now Daddy Dearest, don’t pout like that. Mom’s
away for a whole week, and seeing as now you’re
my younger sister I guess that puts me in charge.

That spell, it alters reality. Only you and I know the
real truth. Everyone else thinks our daddy ran away
with his secretary when we were just toddlers. In
this reality it’s just me, you and Mom. All girls
together. *giggle*

You were such a hypocrite – yelling at me if my
clothes were too sexy, yet I could see you drooling
over my schoolfriends. Well now I am in charge
and I can wear whatever I like. And you will wear
whatever I tell you. And the shorter and skimpier
the better I think. We are going to make such a
little hottie out of you.

It’s going to be fun watching you squirm. If you
want me to change things back you will do exactly
what I say. Understand? And things could be a lot
worse, little sister, believe me. Maybe in this reality
you are the school slut. Let’s see what happens
eh? Now grab your purse, little sister. We’re going
to the mall…

This is Natasha Marley.

The Actress

So anyway, I wake up in the morning and *blam*
this broad had stolen my body and left me with
hers. The joke’s on her though as the Doc had
told me that morning I only had months to live.
Terminal cancer. Which was the reason I was
getting hammered in that bar in the first place.

I guess she thought she could get her hands
on my fortune. Steal the identity of a major
Hollywood star. Well I didn’t get where I am
today without knowing a few accounting tricks.
And by hiding most of it away in secret accounts.

A few phone calls later and I transferred it all
away where she could never find it. And set
myself up with a little cosmetic surgery and a brand
new identity. A girl like that was probably wanted
by the cops. 

I left her with just enough to live comfortably for
the few months she has left, for a decent sendoff.
She did me a favour in the end after all. So now
I get a whole new life and a chance to revive a
flagging career.

It’s been odd adjusting to all this feminine shit -
but I’ve been having a blast if the truth be told.
I was an actor by trade after all. This is just a role I
was never expecting to play. Now if you’ll
excuse me, I think the director is calling me…


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